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Happy weekend my friend! Here’s some random thoughts on a chilly autumn morning.

Even though in New Zealand we don’t have the huge amount of deciduous trees (I guess that's why we call it autumn and not fall), the ones we do have around us are colouring up to beautiful fall colours. It’s so lovely to see.  The mornings are getting cooler, even though we’re still having some lovely sunny days.  We had a couple of days of rain this week which was great for my garden.

I was hoping to bring you a virtual holiday written by a friend today but she’s been busy with work so didn’t get to it. Instead, I thought that I would share some handmade Mother’s Day gift ideas.

Handmade Mother’s Day Gifts

It’s less than a month to Mother’s Day! I don’t have a Mum or Mother-in-Law so I don’t buy any presents these days. I do take the time on Mother’s Day to remember both these special ladies.


Of course, the first thing on my list is handmade jewellery. After all, that’s my thing.  Not only would I love to make jewelry for my Mum, I also like to receive jewellery.

Here’s eight jewellery project tutorials you could make for your Mom:

Number One - Heart Tassel Pendant

This heart tassel pendant also has matching earrings.

Heart Tassel Earrings Tutorial

Breaking the Rules Bracelet

This memory wire bracelet is a great place to start if you've never used memory wire before.

Breaking the Rules Bracelet Tutorial

Pastel Stardust Earrings

These earrings are super cute and super easy to make.

Pastel Stardust Earrings Tutorial

Bubblegum Necklace

This is the necklace made for my niece who is also a Mum. It's so fun and super easy to make.

Bubblegum Necklace Tutorial

Focal Bead Memory Wire Bracelet

Another memory wire bracelet - this time with a bit more of a design element. I love this one and wear it all the time.

Focal Bead Bracelet Tutorial

Cubes and Daggers

How impress would your Mum be if you made her this necklace for Mother's Day? This necklace is a beginner project so if you've never made jewelry before, this is a great place to start.

Cubes and Daggers Necklace - Beginner Project Tutorial

Purple Earrings

You won't believe these earrings are also a beginner project. I made these ones to demonstrate how to make a simple loop. Watch the video to find out how.

Purple Earrings - Beginner Loop Making Tutorial

Braided Cuff Bracelet

This bracelet has a bit of an 80s throwback vibe.

Braided Cuff Bracelet Tutorial

If you’re not into jewellery, here’s some other ideas:

Nourishing Lotion Bars

Don’t these lotion bars look divine? Made with just three ingredients. If you’ve never made soap before but always wanted to try, this could be a great place to start.

The Everyday Farmhouse

Box of Chocolates

If your Mum is more of a chocolate kinda girl (duh! Which Mum isn’t), then why not make her a beautiful box of chocolates?

Live Laugh Rowe

Floral Wreath

For a baby mamma, this beautiful nursery wreath would be amazing.  Actually, it would fit anywhere, not just in a nursery.

Karin's Kottage

Handmade Cards

If you would like to make your Mother a handmade card, check out these two.

Heart Card

This card from the Gathered in the Kitchen is lovely.  

Gathered in the Kitchen

Seed Paper For Card

I really love this idea of making your own paper to make your own card.  Check this out.


One More for the Road

If you're really short on time to make your Mum something, this coffee sugar scrub takes about five minutes and most of the ingredients you will already have.

Coffee Sugar Scrub Recipe

If you don't want to hand make your Mother's Day gift, here's my best suggestions for gifts to purchase.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas 2021

That’s all I have for you today.

Tell me, (in the comments below) are you going to be spending the weekend making a beautiful gift for that special lady in your life?

It really doesn’t matter what it is – handmade gifts are always so special.

Have a great weekend – see you next week.

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April 17, 2021