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Welcome to this week's virtual holiday and round up of the past week.

Today’s virtual holiday takes place in Taupo (pronounced toe-paw).  

Taupo is a small town in the centre of the North Island. It is on the side of Lake Taupo, a huge lake surrounded by mountains.  In fact, it is a crater lake.

In the background of this photo is Mount Ruapehu (pronounced roo·uh·pei·hoo). This is a skiing destination. Mount Ruapehu is not dormant and has had several small eruptions in my lifetime.  

There are small towns dotted around the edge of the Lake. It’s a very picturesque drive up from the Wellington region, where I live, up to Taupo, especially once you get to the edge of the Lake.

It’s a very touristy town – there’s so much to do and it’s alive for most of the year because it covers both winter activities (skiing) and summer activities (swimming, etc). This picture is of the golf challenge where you try to get the ball into the hole from the shore which is quite a distance away.

Here is some interesting tourist information about Taupo if you want to know more.

On the Blog This Week

It was an interesting week this week.  I shared a jewellery project (as always) but then Rosie (the cat) wrote my Thursday blog post.

How to Make a Memory Wire Bracelet with a Focal Bead

This week was all about designing a bracelet with a focal bead. Not just how to make this one, but how to design one of your own.

Memory Wire Bracelet With a Focal Bead

I’d love to hear if you made this or another memory wire bracelet after watching the video.  Let me know in the comments below.

A Day in the Life of Rosie

Ok, ok, so Rosie didn’t actually write the blog post but, as a bit of fun, I wrote the post from her perspective.  I spend most of my days with Rosie – she’s always there beside me sleeping or helping with the laundry.

Read all about her antics and what she gets up to in a day.

A Day in the Life of Rosie

Around the Web

I started off this week thinking about gardening – mine has been a bit of a bust this summer as it’s just been too cold to encourage enough growth and fruiting. So I started thinking about next spring.

I also started thinking about things I need to do inside my house – my laundry and bathroom need attention!

Tips for a Vegetable Garden

If you’re dreaming of spring but still surrounded by snow or rain, why not do some planning for your spring planting? I found this very informative post giving you all the tips you need.

The Everyday Farmhouse

Beadboard Laundry Rack

I have always wanted one of these! Unfortunately, there is no wall space in my laundry to hang one – maybe in my new laundry – ah – dreaming.

You might be surprised how incredibly economic this beadboard laundry rack was to make!

Simply 2 Moms

Laundry Makeover

I also found this beautiful laundry makeover – mine is still in progress so keeping my eye out for ideas. I absolutely love the flooring in this laundry.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a separate laundry – it’s part of the hallway, so having different flooring is not possible.  It’s still beautiful and I can dream.

Farmhouse 1820

A Clean Laundry

While we’re on the subject of laundries, how about taking some time this weekend to give yours some love.  If your laundry is anything like mine, it gets neglected, not from the hard work that it does every single day, but from the love and attention you give other areas of your house. Read this post by Tammy all about how to clean your laundry. There's no reason that your laundry can't be a beautiful, inspiring place where you want to spend time.

White Lilac Farmhouse

Bathroom Storage

Laundries and bathrooms go hand in hand, right?  

My bathroom is a mess – it’s so small and disorganized (on my to-do list). You never know, I may just get onto that this weekend.  So, I decided to share this post about how to organise a small bathroom to gain some storage space.  I really like the idea of adding some floating shelves – just thinking where I could hang them.  I definitely need shower storage - my shower is over the bath.  I hope you enjoy reading about these 6 ways to add storage to a small bathroom. 

Sydney and Co

That’s it for this week.

This post gave me inspiration to do some cleaning or organisation of those small spaces in my house and I hope it did the same for you.

I hope enjoyed this post

If so…..


Come back next week for another wonderful New Zealand destination.



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March 6, 2021