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We’ve made a hole heap of changes in the garden since we moved into our property 51/2 years ago, but one thing I always struggle with is design. Sometimes I have a vision, but I can’t bring it into fruition and sometimes, there’s just no vision at all.  

The Front Yard Makeover

When we did our front yard, it was easy.  It was so full of trees that it made the house very dark.  Also, there were too many trees planted so close together so that they had grown up to be very spindly and weren’t in good health.  A lot of the trees needed to be cut down. Andy immersed himself in the job – it was good reason to buy a new chainsaw. You can see the full makeover here. This photo was taken quite a few years ago so now the roses have completely covered the fence. I can't take a photo today, because we are having a summer cyclone.

The Back Yard

When we moved into our house, it had been a rental. Sadly, the tenants had used the back yard as a rubbish tip. I won't even mention some of the things we found down there. Just like in the front, the trees were planted too close together and had been allowed to grow too tall. You can see here, that they were encroaching on the house. We couldn't even open the door from our bedroom onto the deck because a punga tree was in the way!

Since then, we've cut down a number of trees and put in one retaining wall but it's still a mess. We want to make it a useable space but, I must be honest, I'm a bit lost as to where to go with it. As I said, it's very steep and I'm not really used to gardening on such a steep hill side.

Enter Melba Santos

My friend Melba has the answer!  She’s designed an AMAZING DESIGN COURSE which I’m going to take. I have watched over the past several years as Melba has transformed her blank garden space into something truly incredible.

Melba is someone I truly trust as an expert in the GARDEN DESIGN space!

Here’s a look at her garden before she implemented her design.

Melba's Garden Before

And here’s what it looks like now.

What an amazing transformation.

If you would like to see more, be sure to visit Melba’s blog Cocoon Raw. She is really the expert when it comes to garden design and gardening. You too can design a beautiful garden, just like Melba's.

Garden Design Example

Want an Amazing Garden Too?

So, if your garden is looking pretty sorry, and you would like to have a garden that looks as delightful as this, Melba is launching an exclusive program ‘BLOOMS TO PROSPER’, going from green to rainbows.  The program has very limited spots, so if you’re struggling with:

  • Finding a purpose for creating a Healing Garden Oasis.
  • Have no idea how to get started because of the fear of failing and not being able to see the whole picture.  
  • In need of a step-by-step process.
  • Ready to take the step of making the Pinterest images and mood boards that you collect into a reality, but realise that it must make it happen in order to continue on a wellness journey.
  • Want to achieve the garden design by connecting the outdoor space and activities to your daily rituals to achieve health.
  • Grow food, flowers for your family, a beautiful and cozy space to escape or share with family | friends, a place of discovery. 
  • Ready for gardening with purpose and to connect with a community that will support and encourage the healing journey through an amazing and unique garden transformation.

Melba’s program helps the overwhelmed gardener that crave PEACE OF MIND and a MEANINGFUL OUTDOOR SPACE to feel nurtured.

Go from fear of not knowing where to begin, stuck in confusion and overwhelmed to feeling empowered by identifying the purpose to create your own outdoor space and garden.

By incorporating emotional and meaningful personal daily rituals so that you ACHIEVE CONFIDENCE and a HAVEN FOR HEALING that brings true joy, a LIFE CHANGING MINDSET and bloom.

Don't you just love her philosophy? Melba told me that gardening saved her at a very hard time in her life, so why not let it save you too?

I can only dream of gathering this type of produce from my garden.

I really believe in this program so much that I’ve actually decided to partner with Cocoon Raw, and I just needed to tell you about it! This could be the transformation you’ve been waiting for!

This program starts on 1 April and runs for 8 weeks.  

If you’re interested, you can go ahead and book a FREE call here

If you still need to see more, check this out:

I dream of my side yard looking like this.

To see yet more of Melba’s amazing garden, you cal also check her out in the following places:

So if your garden is as much in need of a makeover as mine, then you should definitely contact Melba and take her course.  You never know, I might see you there.  Be sure to mention me when you book your call.





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February 14, 2023