2019 In Review

I can’t say that 2019 was a great year for me – I spent about four months of it sitting on the couch due to a rather extreme illness, but I won’t bore you with the details of that.

Best Experience of 2019

This has got to be my trip to the Sunshine Coast with my best friend Tim.  We attended a Dr Joe Dispenza Week Long Advanced Workshop which is a meditation retreat. This was one of the most amazing experiences of my life.  When I stepped off the plane back I home I think I was floating about two feet off the ground

Ha ha, in this picture I look like I've got no hair!

We had such a fantastic time and went through quite a transformation.  It was so good to spend time with Tim and quiet time with myself. If you get the chance, I highly recommend it.

Fresh New Look

In October we implemented a fresh new look for my website.  I’d love to know whether it’s working for you and what you think. Do you like it?

Most Popular Recipe

This is not a new recipe, but it was the most popular on the blog. Hangi in a Pot is probably popular with Kiwis who live overseas.  If you can’t dig a hole in the backyard, this is an amazing alternative.

 Most Popular Blog Post

The most popular post for 2019 was when I revealed our new home and the beginning of our new Lockwood Renovation.

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Looking Forward to 2020

For a start, I’m looking forward to my health continuing to improve. I’m looking forward to sharing with you more of our home renovation.  It’s moving along nicely, and I have lots to share with you, but I’m not quite ready yet.  Still have some finishing touches to apply.

I’m also looking forward to sharing lots of new Keto recipes with you.  

Today, New Year’s Day 2020, I’ve started a100 days of keto challenge. While I was unwell and sitting on the couch, I put on 10kgs so I’m announcing it here – to you – that I’m going to stay strong and avoid cheating (except for my one cheat meal per week) for 100 days. It is my intention to also increase my level of exercise and gain more flexibility. You guys can keep me strong by commenting and asking me questions about how I’m going.  You can do this via my Facebook page, or by commenting here. During this time, I’ll be sharing my keto, low carb recipes and I’m hoping to also give you some help with keto meal planning for a family.  Watch this space.


January 1, 2020