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Happy Waitangi Day! If you’re not from New Zealand, you probably have no idea what this is.

Every year on 6 February, New Zealand marks the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi in 1840 when representatives of the British Crown and over 500 Māori chiefs signed what is often considered to be New Zealand’s founding document.

There are mixed feelings in NZ about the Treaty but I won’t go into that here.

It’s a public holiday and this year it falls on Saturday so we get Monday as a holiday.  

It kind of marks the end of summer for us as well because we have lots of public holidays in January and after Waitangi Day, there’s a dry spot until Easter.

If you’re in NZ, what do you have planned for the holiday weekend?

On the Blog This Week

Wow! What a week it’s been.

Kitchen Reveal

The big thing for me this week was that I shared my kitchen renovation with a video. It's been a long time coming and I was so happy to share it with you all.

My Kitchen Reveal

I’ll be sharing more photos of my kitchen in the next few weeks.

Jewellery Project

I showed you how to make these Heart Tassel Earrings.

Heart Tassel Earrings Tutorial

This was my first (and my be my only for this year) Valentine's Day project. I love tassels and I love purple, so these earrings just hit the mark for me. They would be the perfect gift for someone for Valentine’s Day.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

On that note, I also posted some gift ideas – I know that Valentine’s Day is most often seen as a day to celebrate your significant other but why not use it as a way to show those you care about that you’re thinking of them.

Aquiver Ceramic Strawberry Bowl Set

Around the Web

It’s all about Valentine’s Day today. There’s so much that I couldn’t show you pictures of them all, so I’ve left a list of links below.  Here’s some I found that I thought were particularly worth showing you all.

Preschool Valentine’s Day Crafts

I loved this idea – Marie made these little hearts with her son. They are so cute.

This Dear Casa

Valentine’s Day Garland

Lynne made this cute garland from wool and cardboard!

My Family Thyme

Button Heart Garland

Emily made this cute heart using a coat hanger and buttons!

My Weathered Home

Love Sheet Music Wreath

Liberty made this Love Sheet Music Wreath.

B4 and Afters

Heart Grapevine Wreath

And what about this beautiful wreath than Jennifer made from grapevine, faux flowers and some greenery.

Cottage on Bunker Hill

Here’s a list of others I thought were also worth checking out.

Repurposing Christmas decor for Valentine’s.

DIY heart explosion card.

Resin metal glitter heart DIY.

A Valentine cocktail.

Heart pillow with vintage buttons.

Valentine dipped pretzel rods.

A whole slew of ideas!

DIY block scribble art.

4 easy Valentine DIY’s.

Simple wooden dough bowl DIY.

Free printable Valentine cards.

A Valentine’s Day love sign.

Shell trinket dish with heart doodles.

I hope this post gave you inspiration

If so….. 



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February 6, 2021