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Today we are going visiting! With all that’s been happening, it’s been a long time since I visited my sister, Dawn.  She lives in Whangarei (pronounced fong-ah-ray) which is literally at the other end of the island.

Happy weekend! Yay!

Want to come along with me to visit?  

Before we do that though – I should tell you something really exciting – we aren’t visiting her home – she’s taking us to her bach (pronounced batch).  

The Kiwi bach is a Kiwi tradition.  

When I lived in Canada, they were called cottages.  In NZ, it’s called a bach. A bach is usually situated at the beach, although not always.  

Dawn’s bach is at Bland Bay – it’s about an hour north of her home so we’ll be zipping through Whangarei and on to Bland Bay.

The image below is of the baches at Bland Bay. We’ll be staying in the yellow one.

I warn you, it’s a long drive.  We won’t be stopping along the way this time, just going directly there.


OK, OK, we might stop for lunch in Taupo (remember I took you there a few weeks ago)

So, now we’ve stopped for lunch, and we’ve driven the rest of the way, let’s take a tour.

You might way to put on your gumboots (long rubber boots also known in the UK as Wellington boots).


It could get a bit muddy.

It’s a grey day today, no swimming because it’s too cold (we last visited in the winter).  

But I love the beach on a cold, grey day, especially when there’s no-one else there.  I love the feeling of desolation on an isolated beach.


So, come take a walk with me.

I hope it doesn’t rain before we’ve finished.

We come across some seaweed on the shore.

Isn’t it pretty?

In the distance we can see some people gathering shellfish on the rocks.

 When we get closer we can see the shellfish on the rocks too.

This shell is beautiful.

In the distance, we can see these beautiful hills.

Then, we come across this wonderful orange boat sitting on the beach.

Now, we turn away from the beach and go through this gate.

And we turn to walk through the grass, along the fence line.

Don’t you love the way the lichen has grown and the rusty wire is sitting on top of the posts?

The grass is long – I hope you took my advice and wore your gumboots.

Now, we’ve come back down to the water and we are looking at the bach from across the water.



I’m getting cold!

Do you want to go back and enjoy a nice cup of hot chocolate?

I hope you enjoyed this little virtual holiday. I sure did.

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Focal Bead Necklace

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I loved the combination of beads in this bracelet so much, I used it again to make this necklace. The purple and grey bicones just light my fire!

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Earlier this week I wrote a funny little story about how I managed to get blue fluff all over my carpet – throughout MY ENTIRE HOUSE!

It’s a good read that gives life a little perspective.  

Around the Web

To be perfectly honest with you, I haven’t had much time this week for web-surfing, but I have found a couple of cute projects for you.  With Easter just a couple of weeks away, these are all little things you can make.

I’ll be sharing some Easter related things over the coming weeks too.

Woven Bunny Basket Cards

I found these cute little cards that you could make with your children for Easter.

Red Ted Art

Easter Bags

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Joe June and Mae

Easter Cushion

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Alice Caroline

Fluffy Bunny Cake

If chocolate alone isn’t enough for you, then there’s this wonderful bunny cake.


Thanks for joining me on our visit to my sister’s Kiwi bach.

I hope enjoyed this post

If so…..


Come back next week for another wonderful New Zealand destination.



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March 20, 2021