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I used to spend a huge amount on groceries, but a few years ago I was introduced to Sophie Gray, the Destitute Gourmet and it changed my life!  Well, it changed my grocery shopping and cooking life.  Sophie works on the principle that you can eat well and spend less - and it's actually true!

Once I started using Sophie's philosophies our grocery bill went from over $1,000 per month to around $500.  Now that's quite a few years ago when I was able to shop for the four of us for around $100 per week.  Lately, it's been more than that but I still come in pretty well - usually around $150 for three adults and one always hungry teenage boy!

I've been really busy over the last few months and my menu planning has been a bit hard to fit in so I thought that I'd sit down today, while I had some time, and plan the menu for a whole month.  I have tried not to repeat any dishes (except a dessert here and there) - this way, I can cycle through them and we shouldn't get bored with the food.  Well, that's the theory.  Watch this space to see how it works.

I thought I'd share this with you because it took me quite a while and I know how hard it can be to find the time.  I'm happy for you to use them and alter them to suit your needs.  These are my autumn month menus and they will probably go on through winter.  You will note that I've included quite a few desserts - we do eat dessert on a regular basis but sometimes one dessert will last for several days (eg Coffee & Walnut Cake with Coffee Cream).

I should also list here the recipe books I've used (and my code names). If you don't have access to these books I'm sure you can find something similar online - the internet is good like that.  Where I have used recipes I've found online, I've added the link.

Delia #1 = Delia's How to Cook Book One by Delia Smith
Delia #3 = Delia's How to Cook Book Three by Delia Smith
DG #1 = Destitute Gourmet - Stunning Food for Small Change by Sophie Gray
DG #2 = Destitute Gourmet - More Stunning Food for Small Change by Sophie Gray
Enjoy = Destitute Gourmet Enjoy by Sophie Gray
Delicious  = Destitute Gourmet Delicious by Sophie Gray
100+ = 100+ Tasty meals by Sophie Gray
Meals without meat by Alison & Simon Holst
Alison Holst Cooks by Alison Holst

If you do choose to use my menus, don't beat yourself up if you "fall off the wagon".  Sometimes, life gets in the way and takeaways are the only thing to do.  We just make sure this is a rarity, not the norm.  My son thinks he's hard done by if we don't eat takeaway food once a week so I've added my own home made versions (eg pizza, fish and chips, burgers, etc).  I'm hoping this will quell his desire.  

Over the next few weeks as I create these dishes in my menu, I'll be uploading any of my own recipes so if you decide to follow along you should get them when you need them.  The pressure is on me now to keep to that.

I hope you enjoy using my menus and find them useful.  Please let me know what you think.  


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March 31, 2014