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Happy weekend my friend! This weekend is Queen’s Birthday weekend in New Zealand.  We get Monday off.  Lots of people took Friday as well – some schools were closed – so when Jenna and I had to head off into the city at the crack of dawn this morning (actually before the crack of dawn), it was much quieter than we expected meaning that we were at our destination way too early.

I’ve not got much planned for the long weekend.  We had friends over last night but that’s all the real plans we have.  I’m hoping that the sun might shine a little and I can get some gardening done.  I couldn't bring myself to pull out some still flowering plants when it was really time a few weeks ago so now my winter garden is a mess (the photo above is not as it looks today).  I really need to get stuck in and tidy.  We don’t have snow where I live, just lots of rain and wind, so we still get flowering plants for winter.  

I’m still losing the battle with the cats digging up my plants so I would also like to sort out some sort of cloche this weekend.  There just hasn’t been time lately.

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Flower Teardrop NecklaceTutorial

This week I shared how to make this dainty little necklace with you all.  It was actually a project that Idid over a year ago, but I had forgotten about it. I found it when I was moving my new desk into the bead room last weekend.

If you would like to make this, you can see the tutorial in the Create section above along with all sorts of other projects.

Flower Teardrop Necklace Tutorial

Gluten Free Chocolate Cake

Who doesn’t love chocolate cake, right? Actually, years ago when Jesse was small I made this cake for his birthday and took it to class. The reason I made this particular cake was that a boy in his class was allergic to eggs. This cake being egg free seemed perfect.  Only, when I was handing out the slices he said,“No thank you. I don’t like chocolate cake”. Absolutely a crime in my book not to like chocolate cake! My apologies to anyone who is that camp!

Anyway, this is a conversion of my Mum’s Never Fail Chocolate Cake Recipe I shared a while ago.

Gluten Free Chocolate Cake Recipe

Around the Web

This week I’ve gathered a few projects that I would like to do around my home.

Wire Netting Cloche

This first one is a no-brainer - I need to stop my cats digging up my plants - and I hope to make this over the next couple of days.  Maybe then my beautiful Cheetah will stay out of my plants, although, I wouldn’t put it past her to climb on the top of this.

Cocoon Raw

Office Guest Room Combo

Now that I’ve moved my computer/office into the bead room, I really want to make the old office into a really lovely space. Since we moved into this house, this room has had several iterations.  First it was Jesse’s room, then it was an office, now it’s going to need to have a dual purpose of office for Andy and guest room. I fell in love with this combo at Hydrangea Teahouse. She did a really nice job of getting everything needed into the space in a really stylish way. I love the idea of using a pull out sofa instead of a bed although I’m not sure we can fit that in as our room is quite a bit smaller than this one.  I’ve been out with my measuring tape and I’m thinking that it might just fit. We will have to see what transpires – in the meantime though, we need to find somewhere to put Jesse’s old bed as the cabin that he has used as his bedroom for the last few years is going to be removed in the next week (yay! More garden space.)

Andy uses a standing desk so that will influence the design also.

Hydrangea Teahouse

Milk Painted Furniture

This is not exactly what I want to do – I’ve been wanting to make over my little side tables that sit next to my couch.  I bought them years ago and they are painted white but they’ve had a hard life and are needing a refresh.  I love the colour of this dresser and was thinking it would work really well for the side tables.

I’ve never used milk paint before so I’m thinking that I might try it.  Have you had experience with milk paint?  If you have, please share your thoughts about painting furniture with it in the comments section below.  

Milk paint versus chalk paint versus latex paint - what do you think?

Eight Hundred Furniture

Whew, it looks like I’ve got a lot on!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend.



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June 5, 2021