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Do you have any special plans for Valentine’s Day? This weekend we have a birthday, Valentine’s day and our wedding anniversary – three days in a row. So, while we don’t specifically celebrate Valentine’s Day, the celebration blends into one.

Five Things to Do on Valentine’s Day

I thought I would share with you some ideas for Valentine’s Day activities.

1.  Go on a Picnic

Picnics are fun and they are also great for you. You can spend an hour or two with your special someone or, you could even take your children.

The fresh air will do wonders for your mental and physical health.

Now, I know what you’re saying – where I live there’s a foot of snow on the ground.  

That’s OK – have an indoor picnic.

My family has a bit of a tradition of indoor picnics.

Move the furniture back, spread out a blanket on the floor, sit down and eat some picnic food.

2.   Visit a Museum

How often, or have you ever, visited your local museum.  You may think that museums are stuffy, boring places – well, they used to be.  Some museums are really fun these days.  They are generally quite interactive and fun, especially if you have children.

If you can't leave the house, check out one online.

3.   Recreate Your First Date

While this may not be possible, given the current situation, you could do your best to recreate your first date.  It may be that you ate a certain food, or watched a certain movie. You don’t need to recreate the entire date, just bring in elements that you enjoyed.

4.   Go to the Movies (at Home)

Sitting in the dark, eating popcorn and ice cream is what makes the movies for me.  You can absolutely recreate this at home soif you can’t go out, bring the movies to you.

5.   Ask Each Other Questions

Take the time to talk to each other – I mean really talk. Not about the kids or the car repairs or the house, talk about yourself and the other person.

You maybe thinking that this is hard – here’s a list of questions to get you started.


On the Blog This Week

This week on the blog I shared two diy projects.

Valentine’s Wreath

I made this cute wreath to hang on your door.  It was a quick and easy project, but it packed quite a punch.

Valentine's Wreath

Heart Tassel Pendant

You may remember the Heart Tassel Earrings I made last week – this week I made a matching pendant necklace.

Heart Tassel Pendant

Around the Web

This is an additional idea for how to spend Valentine’s Day – a lovely afternoon tea. Juliet shared this – I love the ceremony of it all. Wouldn’t you just love to attend this afternoon tea?

Valentine's Day Afternoon Tea

Daffodil Arrangement

For some of you, spring is in the air, well almost. For me, I’m saying goodbye to the summer that wasn’t and hello to autumn.

Having said that, spring is my favourite time of the year so if I can bring spring into my home at any time, I will.

Jennifer made this beautiful daffodil arrangement that can be enjoyed at any time of the year.

Daffodil Arrangement

Beautiful Craftsman Style Trim

Thisweek Morgan shared this post which is very close to my heart.  

I would love to do this in my house but unfortunately, my windows are often jammed up against the wall so it’s impossible.  

Oh, how I dream of beautiful molding!

Morgan walks you through, step by step, on how to add trim to your not-so-great windows to make them fabulous.  

Craftsman Style Trim for Windows

That’s all for this week.  


Happy Valentine’s Day!


See you next week.

I hope this post gave you inspiration

If so….. 



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February 13, 2021