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Level Up Your Style: Necklace Layering Essentials

Do you want to elevate your jewellery? Treat it like an onion. Today we're going to be talking about layering your jewellery and I’m also going to be doing a little tutorial on how to make a layering necklace. This is a super easy necklace to make and only uses one technique.

April 11, 2024


Use This 1 Technique to Create a MULTI-LENGTH Necklace

This project really doesn’t know what it wants to be when it grows up.

March 28, 2024


Fun Earrings Earrings with the xTool F1

I bet you never thought you could make jewellery from one of these!

March 23, 2024


My Jewellery Design Challenge | Soft Flex "Special Tea" Kit

I’m making a mixed metal memory wire bracelet using the Soft Flex Special Tea Beading Challenge Kit. As you know, mixing metals in your jewellery is huge right now. I love the metal finish of the beads that came in this kit. I used both gold and silver rhinestone rondelles, and the beads had a metal look to them as well.

February 29, 2024


Surprising Jewellery Trend from Craft Store Supplies

If you watched my Jewellery Trends for 2024 video, you will know that brooches are still right on trend. You will also know that huge flowers are also on trend. Today I’m combining both those things to make a giant flower brooch. I’m also converting some buttons into brooches.

February 20, 2024


How to Upholster Dining Chairs with Piping

Do you ever have those times where one event cascades into a long list of things to do? That’s what happened to me recently.

February 18, 2024


Exposing My Crazy Design Process - Love Bug Bead Design Challenge Kit!

I’m always asked if I can show how I design a piece of jewellery so today I’m going to be designing three pieces of jewellery from the beads in the latest Soft Flex Design Challenge Kit.

February 15, 2024


Vintage Stretch Bracelet: Timeless Elegance Made Simple

Do you love stretch bracelets as much as I do? Today I’m making a beautiful black, white and silver one using more of the beads from the Deco the Halls Beading Design Challenge kit.

February 13, 2024