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Looking for a Partner - Situations Vacant

Have you ever considered becoming a blogger? I am coming up to my 12th anniversary of being a blogger. Wow! When I think about that, there’s so much that’s happened in that time.

April 15, 2021


Beginner Project - How to Make a Cubes and Daggers Necklace

Not all beads are round! In fact, beads come in all shapes and sizes.

April 13, 2021


Living My Real Life

Happy weekend my friend! Yay! Even though it’s been a short week, it feels like it’s taken forever – maybe that’s because we switched back from daylight savings.

April 10, 2021


Lockwood Renovation Part 15 – Kitchen Floors

This one is not going to be pretty! The floors throughout our entire house were a mess but the kitchen was by far the worst.

April 8, 2021


How to Make a Braided Cuff Bracelet

I’ve been wanting to experiment with more ways to use memory wire and the revival of the cuff bracelet trend has given me the perfect opportunity.

April 6, 2021


Living My Real Life

Happy Easter my friend! So how do we celebrate Easter in New Zealand?

April 2, 2021


Gluten Free Hot Cross Buns

I have been making these gluten free hot cross buns for years. They became an instant hit with my family and in fact, they are enjoyed more than the glutinous kind.

April 1, 2021


The Jewellery Making Tool That Changed My Life

When I first started making jewellery there was one thing that tripped me up every time.

March 30, 2021