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AMAZE Your Friends With This Boho Necklace Tutorial

Don’t you love it when a project looks really complex but is actually quite easy to make?

March 21, 2023


Corn Fritter Recipe

Corn fritters are one of my most favourite foods! They are super quick to make and so delicious.

March 15, 2023


Are Pearls Too Classic For Your Style?

Do you love pearls? But they're too classic for your style. Today I'm making a necklace, which breaks those rules.

March 13, 2023


Mermaid-inspired Earrings | Made With 1 Technique

I made some mermaid-inspired earrings, and I did it using only one technique!

March 7, 2023


Make Summer Last Forever - DIY Turquoise Necklace

It’s February and, in my part of the World it’s starting to get colder so I’m trying to hang on desperately to summer.

March 2, 2023


Spring Memory Wire Bracelet

Spring is just around the corner for my Northern Hemisphere friends so I thought that today I’d make a spring inspired bracelet.

February 20, 2023


Czech Glass Lamp Earrings

Today I’m doing a dupe – I found some earrings online that I loved and they used the Czech Glass Lamp Beads that I have.

February 16, 2023


Do You Need Garden Design Assistance

We’ve done a hole heap of changes in the garden since we moved into our property 51/2 years ago, but one thing I always struggle with is design.

February 14, 2023