Delectable Dinner Ideas

You know that I love to have lots of people in my home and I love to host. Dinner parties have always been one of my favourite events to host because there is delicious food involved.

There is nothing quite like filling your home with the people you love and showing off your epic cooking skills! From creamy slow cooker chicken to fabulous desserts to finish off the evening. If you’re wondering where to begin and you’re searching for some much-needed inspiration for your upcoming dinner party, hopefully these ideas will get you started.

Low Carb Vanilla Ice Cream

Greek Salad

Starting off your dinner with a delicious, fresh and crisp salad is the ideal way to get your event underway. You don’t want to overwhelm your dinner guests with a dish that is too heavy before you have even get to the main event, so a Greek salad is the ideal way to kickstart your dinner party. With crisp green iceberg lettuce, half moon cucumber, vine tomatoes, cubed feta and sliced olives, this will form the base of your appetizer. With a spritz of balsamic dressing and a squeeze of lemon juice your sumptuous starter will be ready to serve!

Greek Salad

BBQ Chicken

Following a tried and tested recipe for your dinner party entree is the best way to bring about top notch results. This korean bbq chicken recipe is bursting with flavor and guaranteed to make your guests come back for more helpings on their plate! Feeding a crowd can be an overwhelming task, but this recipe is super easy to prepare ahead of time and cook when your guests have sat down to eat their appetizer.

Korean BBQ Chicken

Vegetarian Curry

Offering a vegetarian option at your dinner party is a good idea, so that all of your guests feel included. Using coconut milk as your base, curry powder and seasonal vegetables, you can cook up a delicious veggie filled curry that is bursting with flavour from the very first mouthful. Serve alongside some freshly baked garlic naan bread and white basmati rice, for the ultimate vegetarian alternative at your dinner party. This wheat and dairy free vegetable korma is a great one. Of course, you will need to provide a gluten free naan or roti option as well.

Wheat and Dairy Free Korma

Dessert Mezze

It’s only natural to want to eat desserts after a meal; craving something sweet even after all of the decadent food you have had is a normal feeling. Offering a dessert mezze of cakes, sweets and baked goods is the ideal way to treat your guests to the ultimate finisher at the end of your dinner party. Not only can they take as much as they want from your dessert mezze, but they can also take the leftovers home too!

If you need some ideas to get you started, here's my top 6 gluten free cakey recipes.

My Top 6 Gluten Free Cakey Recipes

Working on your dinner party menu now will give you more time to prep and source your ingredients ahead of time. Whether you’re rustling up a gorgeous Greek salad for starters or a beautiful BBQ chicken dish for mains, there is so much potential for your dinner party. If you need help with any of the preparation, don’t be afraid to ask for help from any of your friends. When it comes to getting ready for an epic dinner party, the more the merrier!



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June 3, 2023