The Great Table Swap of 2016

Is it a sin to covet your neighbour's coffee table?  Well, if it is, then I'm a sinner!  You may have read about my coffee table makeover and how I'd had the table for some time. Well, there was a reason that I finally got my act together and did the renovation of the table - I wanted to swap it with my friend's table. Let me explain:

A few years ago I bought two Queen Anne coffee tables to use as side tables in my lounge.  They didn't match but I figured I could live with that - turns out I couldn't.  Here's the two tables.

As you can see, the legs are quite different.  That's why, when I happened to spy my friend's (and ex-neighbour) coffee table I got really excited.  I couldn't believe what I was seeing - her coffee table was almost exactly the same as my table (the top one).  After thinking about it for quite some time, not knowing how attached she was to this table, I decided to ask if she'd be interested in swapping.  To my surprise she said YES!

That spurred me into action - I now had to put my money where my mouth was and produce a nicely renovated table.  

You won't believe it - these tables are so similar - I can't believe it.  Time for the unveiling of my two (almost) matching tables.  Here we go ... are you ready ....

My existing one is on the left, my friend's on the right - the only difference is the leg detail.

Do you believe what an amazing find this is?

So now I have another job - to makeover the new coffee table that I acquired from my neighbour.  I'm OK with that though.  This one's in much better shape so the makeover will be much easier.  Meanwhile, my friend is happy with her newly renovated table and, what's even better, is she thinks she got the better deal!

Have you ever committed the sin of dreaming about owning someone else's furniture or am I really the only weird person on the planet to ever do this?  Leave me a comment and tell me what furniture you dream of owning.

April 4, 2016