Martina's Wish

Late last year I was approached by the Make a Wish Foundation to help make a wish come true for a New Zealand teenager living with Nemaline myopathy with restrictive lung disease. Nemaline myopathy is a disorder that primarily affects skeletal muscles, which are muscles that the body uses for movement. 

Martina loves arts and crafts, with her true passion being making jewellery. She has an impressive collection of beads and accessories to create as she pleases.

Her one true wish was to have a jewellery set up at her home, with the idea that she can eventually set up her own business selling her creations. She wanted a space where she can work independently and make her own creations. A set up that works with her health conditions and gives her flexibility during the day without the need for her parents to help.

It was to be a dedicated space with all her crafting supplies that is easy to access, along with a desk where she can create and paint or draw. This was the mood board that I was sent.  What crafter wouldn’t love a space like this!

The Foundation wanted to know if I knew anyone who would be able to supply something like this here in NZ. I didn’t, but they ended up importing this Dreambox

Here it is all set up in Martina’s room.

I always try to encourage young people on their crafting journey as I worry that the skills will be lost if we don’t, so it was my pleasure to try and help Martina as much as I could.  I ended up sending her a whole box of beads and findings for her to enjoy.

Here’s a picture of Martina with her Dreambox all set up.  While I only played a small part in making Martina’s wish come true, it was such a pleasure to be involved.

And this special note from Martina’s family, makes it all worthwhile.

Please consider donating to the Make a Wish Foundation so they can make other’s dreams come true.

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July 12, 2022