A Day in the Life of Rosie

Today’s post is brought to you by Rosie – she’s one of the family and she’s been asking me for ages if she could write a blog post so, here goes!

Hey everyone! My name’s Rosie.  My sister Twinkle and I came to live with my family in 2012 when I was just a kitten.

Here’s a funny little video of how we reacted to each other when Mum tied pink bows on us.

Sadly, Twinkle passed away when she was one year old and I really missed her. My family thought they would get another cat, Cocoa.

Then, a few months later Cocoa asked this kitten Cheetah to come and stay with us too.

I never liked Cocoa – she was scared of me, so I teased her often.  I get on OK with Cheetah for the most part, but she annoys me – I prefer my humans.

Anyway, about me!

My most favourite thing to do is sit in things! Whether it’s a box, a hat or a drawer, I’m there.  I thought I’d show you some photos.

OK, this first one is a bit weird – I’m sitting in a bed pan! I’m not sure why, but I just wanted to sit in it.

My favourite thing to do is find an unsuspecting box and climb in.

I found this one on Christmas day.

Sometimes, I’m a bit silly and I try to climb inside boxes that are way too small for me. I knew this box was too small but I really wanted to see what was in there – turns out, it was empty.

Do you like Christmas? I do. There’s lots of cool paper to investigate and boxes – oh how I love those boxes.

In this photo, I’m pretending that I’m a present.

Do you think they can see me?

Helping Paws

I also really like to help Mum with the housework. Here’s some photos of me helping out.

Here I am helping Mum with the laundry.

I knew she didn’t really want to hang out the washing so I sat in the laundry basket so she could have a cup of tea first.

Once the laundry was done, I thought I’d help out with the ironing.

Whew! All that work made me tired, so I had a sleep. It’s warm on top of the washing machine.

After I woke up from my nap, I thought I’d investigate this drawer.  Mum puts her sewing things in there so it’s always really interesting to fossick about in.

I also really like to help Mum with her work.  Here I am helping her to write a lesson on DISC profiles.

Sometimes, I like to sing – actually, I really like the sound of my own voice and I use it whenever possible to ask for food, or just to announce my presence.  

On this day, my Mum came in and found me like this. I don’t think she noticed that I had been using Jesse’s microphone, pretending that I was a singer in a nightclub.

I don’t climb trees as much as I used to – I’m getting a bit older now and I can’t really be bothered anymore.  When I do though, I get into all sorts of trouble. Last year, I climbed up this tree and then jumped over to the roof whereI got stuck.  (I wasn’t really stuck but I was yelling enough so my family thought I was and would help me down!). That was fun.

St Patrick’s Day

A few years ago, Jesse wore this hat for a cosplay. He left it lying around so, you know what I had to do, I had to wear it myself. It was a bit big for me so instead of putting it on my head, I decided – you guessed it – to sit inside it.

Happy St Patrick’s Day everyone.

Now I’m Tired

You would think, after all this activity, I hardly ever sleep.  It makes me really tired, so I take at least 18 hours a day to sleep.

My New Favourite Place

I don’t know if you know this but Mum bought a jewellery supply store last year.

Since then, she’s been using this little basket for collecting items to ship.  Whenever it’s not in use, I take the opportunity to sleep in it.

Actually, sometimes I try to get in it when it’s in use.

I could go on sharing lots of information about my days but that’s probably enough for now.  I hope you’ve enjoyed this little journey into my life.




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March 4, 2021