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Happy Sunday (or Saturday) depending on where in the World you are!

For me, the summer has returned today so I’m intending to spend some time outside enjoying the beautiful sunshine.

The photo above is of Kapiti Island which is about 30 minutes drive north of where I live.  It is a wildlife reserve, so you need special permission to go there. This photo was taken a few years ago on a beautiful day when we drove north on a day trip.

And the Winner Is …

Yesterday, I got to draw the winner of the Licorice Allsorts Memory Wire Bracelet Kit. That was fun and exciting as it was the first ever giveaway for Affordable Jewellery Supplies.  

The winner was …

Wait, watch the video to find out!


On the Blog This Week

This week on the blog I shared one jewellery project and one renovation project.

Kitchen Door Furniture

I did a deep dive into some of the details of our kitchen reno.

I talked about the door furniture – pulls and knobs – that we used.  If you’d like more details, then check this out.

Kitchen Renovation Handles and Drawer Pulls

If you would like to see more of our home renovation, check out the Renovate section of my blog.

Five Minute Earrings

I went on the clock this week to see how quickly I could make a pair of earrings – three, in fact.

I used some pinch twist bails to make these super cute, super fast earrings.

These five minute earrings are so easy, you’ll want to make lots of pairs.

Five Minute Earrings Tutorial

Around the Web

Spring is in the air for the Northern Hemisphere – but you wouldn’t think so if you lived in Texas!  I think it’s more wishful thinking than Spring actually being in the air.  For me, here in New Zealand, it certainly feels like autumn is in the air as the mornings have been very cold.

A Winter Tablescape

Even though it’s nice to think about Spring, let’s face it, it’s not Spring yet in either hemisphere, so I decided to show you this wonderful winter table scape that Shelley from Calypso in the Country set. It has warmth and coziness, just the thing for a cold wintery day to make you feel good.

Calypso in the Country Tablescape

A Television Focal Point

Long have I pondered how to hide the television in my home.  You may remember I wrote a post about built in cabinets to house the giant television that my husband acquired. As a side, I still have not resolved that problem!

Well, Libbie from A Life Unfolding has done something amazing – instead of trying to hide her television, she made it a feature!  She did this by creating this amazing wall behind it. Isn’t it just stunning!

A Life Unfolding DIY Wood Shim Wall

Beautiful Flowers

Linda from Bushel and a Pickle brought joy into my life by sharing this beautiful bouquet of flowers she created.  I thought I’d share that beautify with you today. Don't you love how she's styled them in a teapot?

Bushel and a Pickle Flowers

A Scrumptious Roast

Lastly, I’m sharing a recipe for a great cold day meal. Sharon from Now Choose Life (her story is an amazing one if you care to read it) shared this recipe for the perfect standing rib roast.  I’ll definitely be trying this one!

Now Choose Life Standing Rib Roast

That’s it for this week.

Why not try the earrings – they are super simple to make and really quick.  Wouldn’t you like a new pair of earrings?

I hope this post gave you inspiration

If so….. 



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February 20, 2021