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Happy weekend my friend! What an eventful week we’ve had.

New Zealand has been covid free for about a year (except for a small contained outbreak in Auckland) so we’ve all been walking around mask free, enjoying our day to day lives. The reason we were able to do this is because when covid first hit us last year, our Government moved quickly and we all complied.  That meant that we had a 5-week Level 4 lockdown period, then life went very quickly back to normal.

Our Government implemented a four stage alert level system.  Level 4 is the most severe which basically means, that you aren’t allowed to leave your property unless you are an essential worker or need an essential service. When you do leave your property, you must wear a mask. If you would like to learn more about New Zealand's covid alert levels you can read this.

Now, some say that our freedom was violated, but was it?  While the rest of the world spent months isolating, we only had a short period and then life went back to normal. I know which one I would choose.

Make Your Own Mask

Anyway, onto what happened this week.  On Monday a community transmitted case of covid was found in Auckland.  On Tuesday, there were three cases, both related to the first.  Unfortunately, these people had travelled to another part of the country and come into contact with a huge number of people.  To prevent a full on explosion, we went straight to Level 4 lockdown. At the time of writing this post we have 69 active cases.  We will stay in level 4 until all the contacts are traced, isolated and tested.

Am I worried about having to stay home? Not at all.  I run my business from home so I can still ship orders, my family is at home with me, so I know they are safe.

It does mean that our tiny house has become even smaller with Jesse having to sleep in the lounge (after the removal of the cabin a couple of months ago).

During this time there’s been lots of shenanigans, laughter and just being close which is exactly what our family needed. We are coping with all being squashed into a small space – it’s just as well we get along so well.

On the Blog

On the blog this week I shared a jewellery making technique as well as a unicorn explosion - a project I did for Jenna’s birthday.

Chain Tassels

Chain tassels are so versatile and can be used in many different projects so this week I shared a tutorial video on how to make them.  You will be surprised at how incredibly easy these chain tassels are to make.

Chain Tassel Tutorial

Fur Stool Covers

These are the bar stools I bought for Jenna's birthday. I thought that they needed a bit of a 'Jenna style makeover" so I made these bar stool covers to match her unicorn themed home.  If you love unicorns or rainbows, this is the project for you. I just love this rainbow fur.  If you take a look at the blog post you’ll see what else we made with the leftovers.

Fur Stool Cover Tutorial

Around the Web

As this week was all about unicorns, I decided to share some unicorn themed craft ideas with you. I must admit, when I went looking for unicorn related crafts, I was surprised at how few I found, bearing in mind this huge unicorn craze at the moment.

Whether you too have a daughter who loves unicorns or you love them yourself, or perhaps you’re planning a unicorn birthday party, some of these projects could work for you.  

Unicorn Jars

Aren’t these unicorn jar lids just divine?  They are super simple to make and what a great way to recycle some old jars. Check out the tutorial.

Lindsay Ann Bakes

Unicorn Wall Art

Here’s another great unicorn project for you. Can’t you just imagine this on a little (or not so little) girl’s wall.

Lia Griffith

 Unicorn Snow Globes

I love this! These wonderful snow globes would make a great present - something the kids could make for their friends..  If you’re not into unicorns, you could put another animal or almost anything else inside.

Hello Wonderful

Unicorn Gnome

Now you know that I can’t pass up a gnome!  How about a unicorn gnome?  That seems to me to be the best of both worlds! This great tutorial shows you exactly how to make these.

Ruffles and Rain Boots


 Jenna’s Art

Now, I’m going to take a moment to be the proud Mum.  Did you know that my daughter is an artist?  Her art is unicorn themed. The painting you saw in our master bedroom reveal, the one hanging over our bed, was painted by Jenna.

Master Bedroom Reveal

If you also love unicorns, check out her website.

Jenna Karl

Well, that’s all from me this week. I hope you have a super stunning weekend. If you’re in New Zealand, stay home and stay safe.


Have fun – till next week …

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August 21, 2021