How to Make a Chain Tassel

I’ve got this old necklace that need replacing and I love the chain tassel on it so I thought I’d make a new one and share the process with you.

Chain tassels are very versatile, they can be used in many different ways – for example added to earring hooks or as a focal point for a necklace.  You can even add a smaller one to a bracelet.


To make one tassel you will need:



Watch the video or read the instructions below.

Step 1 – Cut the Chain

Lay your ruler down on your table and lay the chain down next to it, lining up the end with the 0. Using the flush cutters, cut the link after the 15cm mark.

Cut nine more pieces of chain using the first cut piece as a guide.  Watch the video for my best tips on how to cut these.

Step 2 – Making the First Loop

Put the end of the wire between the jaws of the round nose pliers.  Ensure that it is not sticking up (you can’t feel it above the jaws). You’ll need to position the wire quite high up on the jaws as you want quite a large loop.

Holding the wire between your thumb and forefinger, twist your hand as far as it can go away from you to make the loop. Reposition the loop onto the bottom jaw of the pliers and twist again to finish the loop.  Now bend the stem of the wire back a little so that the loop is centred on the wire. Don’t worry if the loop is slightly open – you’ll need it this way.

If you’ve never made a loop before you might find it useful to watch my video about how to make a simple loop.

Step 3 – Feed on the Chains

Find the centre of each piece of chain.  I find the best way to do this is to thread both end links on the end of the wire and let it hang.  The centre link will present itself. Hold the wire so that the short end of the loop faces up so that the chains don't fall off as you put them on. Take the end links off the wire and thread on the centre link. Let the link of the chain go down into the loop.  

Repeat this until all the chains are on the wire and sitting inside the loop.  Hold the loop between your thumb and forefinger to prevent the chains from falling off.

Step 4- Close the Loop

I give you permission to break the rules here!  Use whatever means necessary to get the loop closed.  By this I mean that you may have to hold your pliers at right angles to the loop and close it that way, or you may need to squeeze the loop and thereby distort the shape a little bit. You won't see this loop so it won't matter, as long as it's well closed so that the chains stay on.

At this point you may need to adjust the stem of the wire so that it has a nice sharp angle – you want it to be sticking straight up.

Step 5 – Add the Bead Cap and Bead

Once the loop is well closed, feed on the bead cap then the bead.

Step 6 – Make the Top Loop

Use your chain nose pliers to make a hard right angle bend at the top of the bead.

Using your ruler, measure 1cm from the bend and cut the wire using the flush side of your cutters.

Now take your round nose pliers and make a reasonably large loop, just like you did at the beginning.  Make sure this one is well closed and centred on the wire coming up out of the bead.

That’s it! You’re done!

Now you have a wonderful chain tassel that you can attach to a pair of earrings, a necklace or something else.

If you need to know how to attach this component to your jewellery, watch this video. The time code for the information you will need is 8:53.

Why not leave me a comment below and tell me if you made this and what you used it for.

I hope you found this tutorial helpful.

If so...



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August 17, 2021