Moody Triple Strand Stretch Bracelet Tutorial

Do you ever have days where you start with the intention to make one thing and it turns out to be something entirely different?  That’s what happened to me today.  I started outthinking I’d make a little dainty daisy stretch bracelet and instead it turned out to be this moody triple strand stretch bracelet. I really love how it turned out but it wasn’t at all what I had planned.

I used a whole lot of random beads but I did lay them out in a pattern.  Scroll down for a layout diagram of the beads.

Before we start, I wanted to tell you about this new bracelet and anklet bead design board that I’ve found.  It’s specifically designed for bracelets and anklets.  It has lots of different sizes.


To make this bracelet you will need:

Please note, for demonstration purposes I have used hot pink elastic so you could see better.


The tools I used to make this bracelet are:


Watch the video or read the instructions below. Scroll to the bottom for the layout diagram which will make things easier to follow.

Lay Out the Beads

Lay the beads out onto three of the bracelet templates. I used some additional 3-hole spacers to mark the spot where the bracelets will be connected.

Here is the layout of the beads, it does differ slightly from the picture above as I moved beads around a bit when I was stringing – Rosie (the cat) had walked over my bead board after I laid them out and things had gotten moved around a bit.

I laid out the beads starting with the clear, blue and brown focal bead on the centre strand.  For the other two strands, I wanted to make an ‘indentation’ for the focal bead to sit in so used the cubes with the oval beads on either side to create this.

Preparing The Elastic

As with any stretch bracelet, you need to pre-stretch the elastic so that it doesn’t over stretch while you’re wearing it.  To do this, take small sections and give it a good pull.  Cut the elastic into three 50cm long pieces.  We are going to string each piece on double elastic so put the two ends of one piece together and thread them through the needle.  

Next thread the paperclip onto the folded end. This will stop the beads from falling off.

Thread the Centre Strand

Using the diagram above, thread on the beads from the centre strand.  Make sure you thread through the centre hole of the 3-hole spacer bar. Unthread the needle and add a bead stopper to the end.

Thread the Second and Third Strands

Thread the first three beads on and then thread through the end hole of the 3-hole spacer bar.  Continue threading using the diagram.The grey lines represent the spacer bar. Unthread the needle and add the end of the thread to the bead stopper.

Repeat for the third strand.

Note: The sections won’t be exactly the same length as the beads are all different sizes, but it will work.

Tie the Knot

Here’s how to tie the special knot that won’t come undone. If you would like to see more detail about how to tie this knot, please watch the Ultimate Knot for a Stretch Bracelet.

Remove one strand from the bead stopper and hold the end to stop the beads falling off.  Holding your fingers in the loop created by the paperclip, remove it.

Thread both the cut ends through the loop, then take one end over and back through the loop again.

Pull the elastic tight so that there are no spaces between the beads. Tie a knot.

Thread the two ends back through the centre of the bracelet, crossing them and bring them back up to the top.  Tie another knot.

Repeat that last step a couple more times.  

Cut off the ends at about 2mm from the knot. If you insecure about the knot, you pop a little bit of glue on it, but I’ve never had a problem with this type of knot coming undone. The knot will just disappear inside the closest bead.

Repeat this knot for the other two strands.

I absolutely love how this turned out.  It’s dark and moody (which I love), it has a bit of edginess to it with the combination of dark beads and the metal. Also, what’s not to love about a stretch bracelet.

Jewellery I'm Wearing

In the tutorial I'm wearing my Boho Necklace.

I'm also wearing my Dragonfly Earrings.

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September 8, 2022