DIY Double Teardrop Earrings

Today I’m using a colour I don’t often use, yellow, to make these double teardrop earrings.  They use two simple techniques – making loops and opening jump rings.  

These earrings are quite large but you can adapt them to make them smaller – I share those techniques in the video.

I’ve used the same beads for both of the curved pieces on the bottom of these earrings, just in different colours.


Here’s the materials you need to make these earrings:


The tool set I’m using in the video is the 6 Piece Chroma Plier Set.  If you would like to know more, you can see it here.

If you would like to know more about the 1-Step Looper, watch this video.


Please watch the video or read the instructions below.

Make Some Sexy Curves


Cut a piece of wire about 10cm long and make a loop in one end.  I’m using my 1-Step Looper to make the loops but if you don’t have one, you can use a pair of round nose pliers and flush cutters. If you’ve never made loops before, you can watch this video.

Thread on eight of the yellow beads. Make a loop in the other end, close to the end of the beads. Make sure both loops are closed properly.

I used a bottle to shape my string of beads into a half circle. Just press the wire around the bottle to shape it. If you don’t have a bottle, you could do this with your fingers, I just find it easier to shape the wire around something.


Use the same process to make the blue curves, this time adding 12 beads to the wire before making the second loop.

Make the Links

The earrings have two rows of four links at the top.  To make each one you will need to cut a piece of wire, make a loop in one end, thread on one of the white beads and then make another loop.  Repeat until you have eight links.

Join the Components

We will use jump rings to join the components together. Before we do that, we need to make sure that the loops on each end of the curved pieces are facing the same way.

If they need adjusting, hold each loop with a pair of the pliers and twist them until they are correct. You may need to re-shape the piece after doing this.

Open one of the jump rings and feed on the loops of the components in the following order:

  • Blue curved piece
  • Yellow curved piece
  • White link

Close the jump ring.

If you need help with jump rings, please watch this video.

Next, lay the pieces down on the table and ensure they are all facing the correct way.  If you put the components on backwards and they won’t sit properly.

Open another jump ring and, while it’s still lying on the table, pick up the loops for the other ends in the correct way and then add one of the white links. Close the jump ring.

Open the loop of one of the white links and attach another link.  Repeat until you have four links on each side of the earring.

Attach the Ear Hook

To attach the earhook, open another jump ring and feed on the loop of one of the uppermost links.  Feed on the loop of the earhook, then the loop of the other link. Close the jump ring.

Repeat all these steps to make the other earring.

Making the Earrings Smaller

These earrings are quite large.  Here's some options if you would like to make a smaller version of these earrings.

Option 1

Exchange the 6mm beads for 4mm beads. This would reduce the width of the earrings.  

Option 2

Add three links to the top section instead of four. This would reduce the length of the earrings.

Option 3

Use both option 1 and 2 to make the entire earring smaller. I think this is what I would do if I was wanting a smaller earring.

I absolutely love these earrings and I hope that you do too. Leave me a comment below and let me know if you would make them the same size, or narrower, shorter, or both.


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June 2, 2022