Make Your Bracelets Fit Like a Glove with this Simple Technique

Make your bracelet fit like a glove with this simple technique.

When I did my 5 Quick Bracelets tutorial I was asked a really interesting question.  One that I believe needs addressing because I had struggled with the same problem when I first started making jewellery.

The question was, “How do I know how much room I need to leave on my bracelet for a clasp?”

This got me thinking about how to measure the clasp and all its associated findings so that my bracelets would be the right size.  I came up with this simple technique.

The Bracelet

I am going to make a bracelet so that you can see the technique in action. I have always wanted to use the large acrylic oval that I chose as a centre focal so it seemed like a good time to use that and make a nice fresh, bright looking bracelet. Insert image with glove here I also chose a mixture of acrylic, glass and metal beads as well.


Here’s what I used to make this bracelet:

The Toggle Clasp I demonstrated with can be found here.



Watch the video or follow the instructions below.

Lay Out the Beads

Lay the beads out on the bead design board using the layout diagram below.

If your wrist is larger than mine (16cm) you can add extras – maybe another of the lined beads or even an acrylic bicone as well.

String the Beads

Put the bead stopper on one end of the Tiger Tail. Thread all of the beads onto the Tiger Tail.

Measure the Clasp

This is where the magic happens. To ensure that your bracelet measures the right length to fit you correctly, make up the clasp first. What I mean by that is add the jump ring to the loop of the clasp then open the clasp thread the other jump ring onto it as if you were doing it up on your necklace. Holding each of the jump rings in a pair of chain nose pliers, measure the length of this clasp/jump ring component.

Put the bracelet around your wrist to check the size. You should have enough of a gap of a little less than the measurement of the clasp.  For example, if the clasp and it’s jump rings measures 2cm, the gap in your bracelet should measure about 1cm.  That way, your bracelet will have 1cm wiggle room. You don’t want your bracelet to be too tight or it won’t move on your wrist.

Remember that your crimping and wire guardians will add approximately 6-9mm as well.

Decide if you need to add more beads to the bracelet.  If you do, you think about how much you need to add – you might find that adding a 4mm bead works better than adding a 6mm bead, for example. Try and keep the bracelet balanced, adding the same amount of beads to each side.

Attach the Clasp

Thread a Magical Crimp Tube onto one end of the Tiger Tail. Then thread the Tiger Tail through both channels of the wire guardian (from the bottom, up and over the top and down the other side). Feed on one of the jump rings from the clasp. Thread the tiger tail back down through the crimp tube.  Pull the crimp tube up to the wire guardian. You can squeeze the wire guardian together if you wish. Using the Magical Crimping Tool, crimp the tube. If you haven’t done this before you can watch this video about how to use a wire guardian.

Thread a couple of the beads up over both pieces of wire. Trim off the short end and then push all the beads up close to the crimp, making sure that you tuck the short tail into the beads.

Use the same process to attach the other jump ring and crimp, making sure that there are no gaps between the beads but it’s not so tight that it won’t move.

Useful Techniques

Jewellery I’m Wearing

Here’s a link to the Boho necklace I was wearing in the video.

I’m wearing a memory wire bracelet with a focal bead.

Here’s a link to my sister’s charm bracelet that I mentioned in the video.

I really hope that you found this little tutorial useful and that you will use this technique.  Please let me know if you enjoyed this one.



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November 7, 2023