Learn How to Make Jewellery in 2024 | 5 Beginner Projects

Want to start jewellery making but don’t know where to start? Today I’m sharing 5 beginner projects that will get you on your way. I’ll teach you all the techniques that you need to get you started on your jewellery making journey. We are going to make:

  • One necklace
  • One bracelet
  • Three pairs of earrings.


Wherever possible I have tried to find a similar product on Amazon for US viewers. Unfortunately, not all products are available.  

I do receive a small commission from Amazon sales - this does not affect your price.

Materials for Red Necklace

Materials for Red Earrings

Materials for Red Stretch Bracelet

Materials for Boho Earrings

Blue Teardrop Earrings


If you prefer, here's a good starter kit of tools (New Zealand / US or here's another option). Please note that none of these tool kits contain 2 pairs of chain nose pliers so I do suggest that you buy a second pair.


As I share many little tips and tricks with you in this video, please watch it to learn all you can about making these five projects and the techniques to make many more.

Jewellery I’m Wearing

I always share the links of the jewellery I'm wearing in the video. Here's what I was wearing this week.


In this week’s tutorial I’m wearing my Boho Earrings (tutorial available for members only). 

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Here's a link to the bracelet that I'm wearing.

Useful Techniques



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January 24, 2024