UV Resin Earrings are EASY | If You Follow My Advice

We made beautiful stained glass earrings, we fell into traps and made mistakes and I’m going to share all of that with you.

In this week's tutorial we take you on a journey to make these beautiful wood and resin earrings.

We used our xTool F1 to cut these earrings out but you could also use a Cricut Maker to cut the pieces.


Here's what we used to make these earrings.

  • Eco-Friendly Transparent Beads 4mm – Red x8 (New Zealand / US)
  • Stainless Steel Leverback Earwires 15mm x 10.5mm x1 Pair (New Zealand / US)
  • Jump Rings Round 4mm x 0.8mm – Silver x6  (New Zealand / US)
  • Jump Rings Round 6mm x 1.1mm – Silver x2  (New Zealand / Similar Product US)
  • Headpins Plated 25g Pack 5cm Silver x8  (New Zealand / US)
  • Ribtex UV Resin - Green  (New Zealand / Similar Product US)
  • Ribtex UV Resin - Red  (New Zealand / Similar Product US)
  • Ribtex UV Resin - Opaque Purple  (New Zealand / Similar Product US)
  • Ribtex UV Resin - Opaque Pink (New Zealand / Similar Product US)
  • Ribtex UV Resin - Clear (New Zealand / Similar Product US)
  • Rust-oleum Wood Stain - Black Cherry (US)
  • Masking Tape (New Zealand / Similar Product US)


While we used our xTool F1 to cut out the pieces, you could also use a Cricut.


If you would like to make these stain glass earrings here is the SVG file for you to use. Download Zip File

Useful Techniques

In this video I used the following techniques:

I’m Wearing

In this week’s video I’m wearing my Hematite and Turquoise Necklace.

Because I like things to be dramatic, I am also wearing my Summer Forever Necklace.

I'm also wearing the Turquoise Diamond Earrings I made in the 5 Pairs of Earrings in Half an Hour video.

If you would like to learn more jewellery making, please consider joining the Jewel Box group. You will have access to livestreams every month and, depending on the membership level you choose, a zoom call with me as well. You’ll also get weekly vlogs and updates, as well as a supportive community who helps each other out. You can post pictures of your work and ask for advice.

If you are interested in making the merino top that I’m wearing, I used the Debra Zebra Knit Top pattern from Style Arc.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.



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April 30, 2024