Bohemian Necklace - Trendy Boho Tutorial

I’ve been asked several times lately about the necklace I’m wearing in my videos and I realised that I’ve never done a tutorial for it. Today, I’m going to be sharing that project.

Unfortunately, I no longer have access to some of the beads that I used in the original project so I had to improvise and I’m so happy with the result.  What do you think?  Let me know in the comments section below.

The other cool thing about this necklace is that you can wear it as two lengths.


Here’s what you will need to make this necklace:


The tools I used to make this necklace are:

In the video I used some of my Chroma plier set.


Watch the video or read the instructions below.  

Make the Components

There are three main components that make up this necklace.

Make a loop in a piece of the 20 gauge wire.  Thread on the beads in the order listed below for the each of the components. Make another loop in the end.  I used my 1 Step Looper to make these beads but if you don’t have one, you can make the loops manually.

Here's a video on how to make loops that might be helpful.

You will need:

  • Centre Dangles (connects lower connector to upper connector) x2
  • Necklace Dangles (forms the main necklace and the two dangles off the upper connector) x8
  • End Component (attaches to the end of the necklace and the chain) x2

Lower Connector

Open the loop on the bottom of the centre dangle (3mm bicone end) and attach it to the top loop of the lower connector.  Repeat for the other side.

Centre Bicone Dangle

Cut a piece of chain approximately 3.5cm (1.4”).  Make a tiny loop in a piece of wire and thread on one of the 3mm bicones. Make another tiny loop on top of the bead. Open one of the loops and feed on one end of the chain. Close the loop.

Attaching the Centre Dangles

Open a jump ring and feed on one of the centre dangles, and the loop on the right side of the centre loop of the upper dangle.  Close the jump ring and repeat for the left side. If you haven’t opened jump rings before watch this video all about jump rings.

To attach the centre bicone dangle, open another jump ring and feed on the bicone dangle and the centre loop of the upper connector. Note: you may need to reduce the length of the chain so that the bicone hangs in the correct place.

Upper Dangle and Necklace

Thread a turbine bead onto the headpin and make a loop in the top.  To connect this dangle and start making the necklace, open a jump ring and attach the right top loop of the upper connector, repeat for the left side.

Now open another jump ring and feed on those one of those jump rings, the upper dangle you just made and the other jump ring. It should look like this.

Cut six pieces of chain 5cm (2”) long.

Next, open another jump ring, feed on one of the necklace dangles (bicone end), the end of one piece of chain and attach it to the centre jump ring. The chain needs to sit on the outside of the ring.

Close the jump ring. Repeat for the other side. It should look like this.

Open another jump ring and attach the end of the component you just attached, the end of the chain you just attached and another component.  Close the jump ring.  Repeat this one more time for this side and then twice on the other side. For the last jump ring in each run, also attach an end component.

Add End Chain and Clasp

Cut two pieces of chain 2.5cm (1”) long. Open a jump ring and thread on the loop of the end component and a piece of chain. Close the jump ring.  On the other end of the chain, open another jump ring and add one side of the toggle clasp.  Close the jump ring then, repeat for the other end of the necklace.

Upper Connector Dangles

The last step in creating this necklace is to add the dangles to the sides of the upper connector. Use the same process, opening the jump rings and placin on the component and the loop of the connector.  They are placed on the 4th loop from the top of the connector on either side.

Bonus Step – Extender Chain

I originally made this necklace quite long but I found that I was constantly wanting to shorten it, but I also wanted to wear it at the original length.  The solution was easy. I shortened the necklace but made an extender chain.  You can use this method to extend any necklace with a toggle clasp.

To make the extender, just cut a piece of chain to the length you want to extend the necklace by, less the measurement of the clasp.  In this case, I cut the chain to be 21cm (8.2”). Using a jump ring, attach each piece of the toggle clasp onto the ends of the chain.

To use the extender chain, place the bar end of the extender into the loop end of the necklace and vice versa.

Whew! There are quite a few steps in this project but it was really worth it to have this stunning Bohemian necklace.

Jewellery I’m Wearing

In the video I am wearing my vintage necklace. You can see how I recreated it here.

I was also wearing my Spring Cage Earrings.

If you enjoyed this tutorial, leave me a comment below and also share, share, share.



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January 26, 2023