How to Make a Heart Tassel Pendant

Last week, I shared how to make Heart Tassel Earrings with you. I had so many people ask me about making these into a necklace that I decided to do it.

The pendant is a long one that sits around your lower ribs.  Obviously, you could make it shorter if you wanted.

I’m going to direct you to last week’s post the steps to make the heart and tassel portion as it’s made in exactly the same way. Just don’t add the ear hooks.

Because you need to make the heart tassel, this is not suitable for beginners, however you could you this beaded chain portion of the pendant without the heart tassel and add another component.


Here’s what you’ll need to make this pendant:

Note: In the video I refer to the 3.5mm balls as either 3mm or 4mm - it happens!


  • Chain nose pliers
  • Flush cutters
  • 1-Step Looper or Round nose pliers


Watch the video or read the instructions below.

This necklace is made up from a series of components.

First component

Using the 1-Step Looper or round nose pliers, make a loop in the end of the wire. If you don’t know how to make a loop, watch this video.


Next add a seed bead, the black rondelle and then another seed bead.

Make another loop on the other end close to the seed bead.

You will need to make eight of these components.


Second Component

Make a loop in the end of the wire.  Add the acrylic and net bead. Make a loop close to the bead.

You will need to make four of these components.

Join the Components

Open one of the loops and join the first and second components together. Close the loop.

Add another of the first components on the other side of the second component.

Make four of these joined components.

Third Component

As before, make a loop in the end of the wire.  

Add the 3.5mm silver ball, the 6mm silver ball, then another 3.5mm silver ball.

Make a loop on the other end of the wire close to the beads.

Make two of these components.

Make a beaded chain by joining each of these components between two of the other joined components.Your chain should look like this.

Add the Heart Tassel

Open the loop of the end component.

Place the wire wrapped loop of the heart tassel on the open loop. Close the loop.

Repeat with the other beaded chain.

Add the Chain

If the last link of the Mother and Son chain is a small one (son), remove it – you can simply cut it with your flush cutters.

Open the loop on the other end of the beaded chain and add the chain. Be careful to ensure that the seed bead doesn’t end up inside the loop, as can easily happen.

Making sure that the chain is not twisted, repeat for the other side.


Now you’re done!

A pendant to match your earrings.

I hope this post gave you inspiration to make these matching earrings and pendant

If so….. 




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February 10, 2021