Exposing My Crazy Design Process - Love Bug Bead Design Challenge Kit!

I’m always asked if I can show how I design a piece of jewellery so today I’m going to be designing three pieces of jewellery from the beads in the latest Soft Flex Design Challenge Kit. I will take you along and show you my process (it’s a long one) and how I come up with the designs that I do. The kit is called Lovebug Design Challenge Kit.

I opened the package on camera and challenged myself to make some pieces of jewellery using mainly the supplies inside the kit. I succeeded in the most part. I did need a few little extras like ear hooks, jump rings and clasps, etc but I was pretty pleased with the results.



Jewellery I’m Wearing

In this week’s tutorial I’m wearing my blue teardrop necklace.

I am also wearing a couple of stretch bracelets.

And one of the 5 bracelets I made in this video.

Useful Techniques

In this video I used the following techniques:



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February 15, 2024