So Many BEADS! Was THIS the best design choice? | Soft Flex Challenge

This package arrived in the mail so you know what time it is!

The Soft Flex Rainy Day Beading Design Challenge Kit arrived a few weeks ago but I was sick and didn’t want to open the package without you. Today I’m sharing the unboxing of this beautiful package as well as a wonderful necklace that I made using the beads.

For a start the colours are so “me”. Purple, aqua and blue – what’s not to love!

I decided to add a few extra pieces to this kit so that I could make a necklace that I would love. I’ve listed all the materials I used below.

I must say there was a huge amount of beads in this kit and I didn’t use all of them in the necklace.

However, I did make a stretch bracelet with some of them in my Jewel Box members only livestream so if you would like to see that, then you will have to join. Sorry, can't share all my secrets!

Materials & Tools

Bead Layout

Here's how the beads are laid out.

Useful Techniques

In this video I used the following techniques:

Jewellery I’m Wearing

In this week's video I am wearing my Chandelier Earrings.

I'm also wearing my Magnetic Hematite Memory Wire Bracelet.



April 16, 2024