How Lampwork Glass Beads Are Made - Part 2

Last week we saw how Philippa made lampwork beads. This week, we're talking to Philippa from Glaes Design about her bead making journey.

If you didn't watch last week's video all about how to make lampwork glass beads, you can see that here. This week, I'm sharing my interview with Philippa where we discuss how she came to be a bead maker and her motivation, among other things.

Philippa has also made a series of lampwork glass Christmas ornaments which are available on the Affordable Jewellery Supplies website for sale, but you need to be quick as these are bespoke and won't be made exactly the same again.

I absolutely love the Lampwork Glass Christmas Bells shown above. These are handmade and no two are alike.

What about these cute snowmen.

Lampwork Glass Snowmen

And these little reindeer are stunning.

Lampwork Glass Reindeer Ornaments

And my absolute favourite are these Father Christmas Ornaments.

Lampwork Glass Father Christmas Ornaments

There are many more so check them out.

In the meantime, come along with me while I chat with Philippa. Enjoy!

Jewellery I'm Wearing

If you are interested in wearing the necklace and earrings I wore in the beginning and end of this video, here's the tutorial for the necklace. The earrings are simply the focal part of the necklace attached to an earhook.

Heart and Cage Necklace

The necklace I wore in the interview part of the video can be found here.

Black Pearl Necklace

The Dragon Scale Earrings I'm wearing can be found here.

Dragon Scale Earrings



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October 28, 2022