Mother’s Day Gift Idea – Plus a Giveaway

Mother’s Day isn’t too far away so it’s time to start thinking about a gift. Does your mother always forget where she’s left her glasses? I do, so that’s why I made this eye glass chain.  Must say, it’s changed my life – my glasses are always there when I need them. This design would also work well as a mask chain.


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This glasses/mask chain takes minimal materials and is really easy to make. Here’s what I used:




Please watch the video or read the instructions below.

Step 1 - The Bead Frame

Thread an eyepin through one hole of the bead frame and bring it up on top of the bead frame.

Thread on a 3mm silver bead, a purple bicone and another 3mm silver bead.  Push them into the centre of the bead frame.

Pull the eye pin back until you can push it up through the other hole of the bead frame.

Using the 1-Step Looper make a loop in the wire.  Repeat this step so you have the beads inside both bead frames. If you don’t have a 1-Step Looper and you’ve never made loops before, watch this video.

Step 2 – Connectors

To make the purple connectors, thread onto an eye pin:

  • 3mm silver bead
  • 6mm purple bicone
  • 3mm silver bead.

Make a loop in the other end. Repeat three more times.

To make the red connectors, thread onto an eyepin:

  • 3mm silver bead
  • 6mm red eco-friendly transparent beads
  • 3mm silver bead.

Make a loop in the other end. Repeat three more times.

Step 3 – Join the Pieces

Before joining all the pieces together, you need to make sure that the loops on either end of the connectors are all facing the same way.  To do this, take a connector and hold each loop in a pair of pliers. Turn the pliers until they are facing the same way. To do this for all the connectors and the bead frame pieces.

Open a 6mm jump ring and feed on the end of the chain as well as the loop of one of the red connectors. Close the jump ring.  

If you have never used jump rings before, watch this video all about jump rings.

Open another jump rings and thread on the loop of the red connector and the loop of a purple connector. Close the jump ring.

 Open another jump ring and thread on the loop of the purple connector and the loop of the bead frame.  Close the jump ring.

Now you want to reverse that by adding a purple connector, then a red connector, so that the chain looks like this.

Step 4 –Adding the Rubber Connector

Take a jump ring and feed on the loop of the red connector and the rubber connector. Close the jump ring.

Repeat this entire process for the other end of the chain.  Add the loop of the rubber connector to the arm of your glasses.

What do you think?  Would your Mum like one of these glasses chains for Mother’s Day?  You could really make this chain in all kinds of configurations with lots of different beads. I do suggest that you keep the beads quite light though as you don’t want the weight to drag on your nose.


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April 14, 2022