DIY Knitting Row Counter and Stitch Marker

Today’s tutorial is for the knitters among you. Now before you switch off because you’re not a knitter, you might find this one interesting.  You could use this technique for other things. I have been struggling with this for a while.  My traditional row counter, the type that you stick on the end of your needle, didn’t fit on my needle and I kept losing it down between the sofa cushions!  Sound familiar?  If so, then this tutorial is for you.

When I started to do my research for this project I was blown away with how much these little beauties were selling for – I saw one on Etsy for $67!  These are pretty simple to make and in this tutorial I made two, a super simple one and a more complex one if you’re up for the challenge.

Having said that, even the more challenging isn’t hard. It just uses the wire wrapping technique which you can find here.

Materials Colourful Row Counter

Here’s the materials you need to make the colourful row counter:

Materials Pink and Green Row Counter

Here’s the materials you need to make the pink and green row counter:



This week, I’m going to leave you to watch the video as there are some tips and tricks in the video that are worth watching, especially if you’re a beginner jewelry maker. There are some links to useful videos below to get you started.

1-Step Looper

If you haven’t used a 1-step looper before, please watch this video.  This tool changed my jewellery making life.

Making Loops

If you don’t have a 1-step looper and you’ve never made loops before, please watch this video all about how to make simple loops.

All About Jump Rings

These projects also use jump rings so if you’re new to jewellery making you might want to watch this video all about jump rings.

Wire Wrapped Loops

If you’re struggling with making wire wrapped loops, or perhaps you’ve never tried, I explain all the ins and outs in this video.


Did you enjoy this? If so, why not check out my other projects.  Even if you’re a knitter who is here just for the row counter, you might find some other useful projects on my channel.


Jewellery I’m Wearing

If you’re keen to make any of the jewellery I’m wearing in the video here’s the tutorials:





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May 5, 2022