Make Summer Last Forever - DIY Turquoise Necklace

It’s February and, in my part of the World it’s starting to get colder so I’m trying to hang on desperately to summer.  Today, I’m making a turquoise necklace to give me a little bit more of that summer vibe.

I have this amazing multi-coloured connector so I decided to pair it with some turquoise and red beads to make a necklace.

Watch the video to get a discount code on the products I used in this project.


Here’s what I used to make this necklace:


The tools that I used are:

Watch the video for the full tutorial, however if you would prefer written instructions you can download those here.  

Download the Instructions

As a supplement to this video, I've written step-by-step instructions which you can purchase here:

Why Use a Toggle Clasp?

For this necklace I used a toggle clasp.  I wanted to talk a little bit about why I prefer them for certain necklaces. I like for my necklaces to do double duty.  Even though this is essentially a summer necklace, I may want to wear it with a sweater in the winter.  Generally, I wear my necklaces longer when I wear a sweater.  If you saw my Bohemian Necklace tutorial a few weeks ago (this is the necklace I’m wearing in the video), I added an extender chain to my necklace using a toggle clasp.



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Spring is just around the corner for my Northern Hemisphere friends so I thought that today I’d make a spring inspired bracelet.


March 2, 2023