I Was Wrong! Memory Wire Necklace Update

I’m not embarrassed to admit when I was wrong, as long as I learn from my mistakes.  A few weeks ago, I made this memory wire necklace and I said that it didn’t need a clasp.  I was wrong!

After wearing the necklace, I changed my mind.  The glass beads thatI used for this necklace are quite heavy and, even though the necklace didn’t fall off, I felt a bit insecure about it. It moved forward when I leaned forward so I decided to change it and add a clasp.

This week there’s no big tutorial, just a quick video on how I changed the memory wire necklace to add a clasp.

If you haven’t seen it, check out the memory wire necklace tutorial.


To add the clasp you will need:

Please see the original memory wire necklace tutorial for the materials to make the necklace.


The tools you will need to update this necklace are:


Watch the video or read the instructions below:

Trim the Wire

I think the necklace was a little long and that could have contributed to the moving around while I was wearing this necklace.  The first thing to do is trim off one end of the wire.  Remember, if you’re cutting memory wire you’ll need to use memory wire cutters.

Remove the Beads

I decided to remove two beads on either side of the necklace. This is because the clasp takes up approximately 2.5cm.  Each bead was 8mm, meaning that I removed 1.6cm per side (x2 equals 3.2cm) which is about right.

Attach the Jump Ring

Using the round nose pliers, make a loop in the end of the wire. Make sure it’s closed really well.  

Open the 6mm jump ring using two pairs of chain nose pliers. If you’ve not done this before watch this video all about jump rings.

Feed the loop onto the jump ring and close it really well.

Add the Clasp

Push the beads up against the loop you have just made. On the other end of the necklace, cut the wire close to the beads.

Remove two beads. Double check that the necklace is the right length. Trim the wire to within 1cm off the beads.  Make a loop in the end as before.  

Open the 4mm jump ring and thread on the clasp, then the loop you have just made.  Close the jump ring well.  

Do up the clasp. If it’s not sitting right, you may have to twist the loops on the wire just a little so they are facing the correct way.

Not only does the necklace fits much better than before, it now feels more secure.

What do you think? Did I make the right decision? Leave me a comment and let me know.

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August 25, 2022