The Gift of Laughter and Joy

This morning Andy shared with me this video and I must say I laughed and laughed.  If you haven't seen it, please watch it.

The miracle is that this woman, Candice Payne, is getting so much joy from a simple thing.  It's so nice to see someone just enjoying themselves and sharing it with the World.  What a gift that Candice gave everyone by sharing her excitement about her birthday present.

It got me thinking about the small things in life that we gloss over and how little we appreciate the wonderful things that come into our lives - the little pieces of joy that we must cherish every day.

I don't know about you but, living with a teenage boy, so often the so called funny videos are of someone falling off or over or on something and almost mortally injuring themselves which we, as human beings, seem to find funny.  I try not to watch those things.  This is just a nice little video of someone having good, clean fun.  

I hope, by sharing this video with you, I have given you the gift of joy that Candice gave me.  Please go and share the gift of joy with someone today.


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May 24, 2016