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Happy weekend my friend! This week started with a crazy weekend where we collected three dining tables. I spent a lot of time working this week on bead storage. The Bead Room isn’t that big and I need to find ways to store all the beads as efficiently as possible. The picture above is of one of my charms drawers.  

Some pearl beads almost got the better of me and, as a result of being rushed and stressed, I ended up publishing my unedited video onYouTube my mistake.  My apologies if you got to watch that.  Once I discovered it,I quickly took it down and uploaded the right one.

Do you ever have days or weeks like that where it just feels like everything is a struggle?

Thankfully my week got better and things started to go my way.

On the Blog

Beach Anklet Tutorial

As the weather’s getting colder, I’ve been dreaming of sitting on a beach somewhere sipping a cool drink. That, and the arrival of some super cute sea inspired charms, resulted in this beach themed ankle chain or ankle bracelet.

Beach Anklet

My Table Dilemma

In this post I asked for your advice about dining tables. If you haven’t read it, please do – I really need help on making this decision.  

Around the Web

Not surprisingly, this week it’s been all about tables.

Chalk Painted Table

Thinking about the oval table, I could do something like this to it.Jennifer has done an amazing job at renovating this table and chairs.  I love the floral fabric she’s chosen for the chairs as well as the colour of the legs and chairs. This one has really got methinking that perhaps the oval table could work.

Celebrating Everyday Life

Stain and Oil Finish

What about this one? I love the soft colour of the top which still reveals the beautiful grain.

Home Revival Interiors


I also really like this two toned look with the white legs and wood top.  I’m not sure if the legs will get scuffed with everyone’s feet hitting them.  If you have a table with white painted legs, please let me know.

Her Happy Home

Dark Base

It might be better to go with a darker colour on the base. I know this isa coffee table but the principle would be the same.  I love the colour but I’m not sure whether it might be too shocking against our white walls. We also have dark grey carpet (which I hate) so the base painted this colour might just blend in.

My Life On Kaydeross Creek

I’d really love to hear all your thoughts on what I should do about the tables.

Also, if you’re coming in to summer, why not whip up a beach anklet and make a few for your friends while you’re at it. 

Well, that’s all I have for you this week.  Have a fantastic weekend.  



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May 29, 2021