How to Make a Beach Anklet

While it’s starting to get colder here, I’ve been thinking about hot summer days, sitting on a beach. Don’t get me wrong, I quite like the winter and all its coziness, but I also like the summer and what it means for my lifestyle.

These charms arrived last week and so I decided to make some beachy themed jewelry.

If it’s summer in your part of the world, you might like to make one of these beach themed anklets, or perhaps, even if it’s cold outside, you can look forward to wearing it when the weather gets warmer.

What is an Anklet?

Well, basically an anklet is a bracelet that you wear around your ankle – pretty simple. It can also be called an ankle chain. I’ve called mine a beach anklet because it has a beachy theme.


Here’s what you will need to make this beach anklet.


  • Chain nose pliers
  • A second pair of chain nose pliers (optional)
  • Flush cutters


Watch the video or read the instructions below.

Add Jump Rings to the Charms

For each of the three charms, add a jump ring.  Make sure the jump rings are really well closed. Make sure that the two remaining jump rings are well closed.

If you have never opened and closed jump rings before, thenI suggest you watch this video.

First Strand

Cut the Tiger Tail into two equal pieces.  Thread on one of the crimp beads and a jump ring, then fold the Tiger Tail over and thread back down through the crimp bead, so that the Tiger Tail is looped around the jump ring.  

Squeeze the crimp bead with the chain nose pliers to close it.

Thread the beads on for strand one using the layout diagram below. When you have threaded 3-4 fours, trim off the short end of the tiger tail. Thread on the remaining beads for the first strand.

When all the beads are on and you have checked that they are in the correct order, thread on another crimp bead and the remaining jump ring. Thread the tiger tail back down through the crimp bead and 3-4 of the beads. Pull the tiger tail until there are no gaps in the string of beads.  Remember to leave a couple of millimetres between the crimp bead and the jump ring. Squeeze the crimp bead closed. Trim off the short end.

Second Strand

Thread the crimp bead onto the second piece of Tiger Tail.  Leaving a loop, thread it back down through the crimp bead as you did before except without the jump ring. Squeeze the crimp bead closed.

Thread the beads on for the second strand using the diagram below.  Remember to thread the short end down through 3-4 of the beads then trim off the short end. When you have all the beads on in the correct order, double check them.

Layout Diagram

The diagram below shows the first half of each strand. Repeat for the second side.

Add the remaining crimp bead then thread the Tiger Tail through the jump ring on the first strand. Ensure that you place it so it will sit on the top.  Thread back down through the crimp bead and through 3-4 of the beads in the strand. Crimp and trim off the excess as before and trim off the short end.

Open the jump ring at the other end and, making sure that the strands are not twisted, add the tiger tail loop to the jump ring as well as one part of the clasp. Close the jump ring.

Open the jump ring on the other end and add the other part of the clasp.

So, did it work?  Did it make you feel like summer was just around the corner? Leave me a comment below and let me know.

I hope this post gave you inspiration to make your own anklet.

If so...



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May 25, 2021