Did Ya Miss Me?

If you've missed me - I've been a bit quiet over the last 2 weeks - then you'll be pleased to know that I haven't gone away, I just moved house.  It actually happened very suddenly, but not.  Let me explain...

The house we lived in had sold some months ago.  We knew we had to move but we couldn't find anywhere.  The new owner had said we could stay on for up to three months longer but then, four days before settlement, he changed his mind.  Luckily we had found a rental property and could move straight away.  We actually found the house on the day he changed his mind.  We had hardly packed and we had four days to move!  As you can imagine - PANIC!!!

So where are we now?  We've moved to a lovely, much smaller house, in a nice neighbourhood.  This house is only three bedrooms so it's been a challenge finding homes for everything (remember we lived in a seven bedroom house before).  In fact, a lot of the stuff has found homes in the garage - for now.  

I guess you'd like to see photos.  Here are the photos that the agent took.  They are all warped but at least you'll get an idea.  Once I have some time and am a little more organised, I'll put up some of my own photos - for now these will have to do.

Obviously, this is the kitchen.  It's quite small but it's nice and bright and has lots of bench space.  I do miss my second pantry though.  It's this weird blue/green colour which seems to haunt me in every house we live in.  Guess what is my least favourite colour!

The lounge/kitchen/dining is all open plan.  As you can see, it's quite a good size.  This is not our table - we actually ended up buying it from the owners for our daughter.

The lounge is a reasonable size although, once we got our furniture (or some of it - it wouldn't all fit) in there, it seems very small.  It has a fire though - a huge bonus in my book.  Check out the gold wallpaper - not sure I can live with that!

There are two hallways in this house - this one which goes straight up the middle and, as you can see, the bathroom and bedrooms are off it.  The wallpaper in the hallway is bright yellow.  It's actually the exact same wallpaper we used in our small Blue Beazley in the 90s.  And we used the blue you can see at the end as well.

Front Hallway.jpg

This is the other hallway - it goes across the house beside the lounge - actually this photo was taken from exactly the same place as the previous one, simply by turning to the left.  Note the spare room is off this hallway.

This is the spare room.  It looks a reasonable size for a bedroom right?  Maybe not for a bedroom/sewing room.  It's jam packed full right now.  This room gets no sun and it's painted a dreary grey colour so it's always very dark.

Next on the tour is the little boys and girls room.  I love the colour.

Here's the bathroom.  It has a shower over the bath.  It's a really good size.  Not sure I'm loving that lime green towel with the walls!

Jesses Room.jpg

On to Jesse's room.  This room is huge.  It fits all his stuff including his drum kit, desk and a big drawer unit that the Playstation and TV usually sit on.  As it's at the front of the house it doesn't get much sun either but the two windows at least make it light.

When we saw the photos of the house initially we thought this was an extra bedroom.  It's not.  It's a weird space between Jesse's room and the master bedroom.  We will use it as our office.  It's not very big and will need some tricky manoeuvring to make it work but I think we will manage.

And here's our tiny master bedroom.  They have altered this house and added a walk in wardrobe and ensuite but in doing so they made this bedroom tiny.  Once you get a queen size bed in there, there's not much room for anything else.

And finally, this is the ensuite.  It's quite a good size but really people - who puts carpet in a bathroom!


I've kept the best for last - the deck.  This is an amazing sun trap.  It's completely sheltered and really private and we have already spent quite a bit of time sitting out here.  And the good news is that our outdoor table fits.  Have I shown you our outdoor table?  I don't think I have.  Maybe sometime soon I will write about that.

Anyhow, that's our new house.  We have been busy trying to find new homes for things so forgive me for not writing that much.  

I hope you enjoyed the hour.


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April 29, 2016