Squidgy Chocolate Cake



Easter isn't just about chocolate and hot cross buns - it's about spending time with your loved ones.  Over Easter we got to spend a great evening with some of our closest friends.  We had a barbecue dinner (possibly the last of the season).  We didn't sit outside to eat because it got a little cold but we did enjoy the last of the sunshine while the food was cooking.  

In honour of our special friends I made a Squidgy Chocolate Cake.  I've been wanting to make this one for some time but I needed an occasion.  Eight eggs and a whole block of chocolate is a little too much for an everyday cake!

I know you're probably all chocolated out but I had to share this amazing recipe with you.  It's not difficult to make, just a little fiddly, and it makes lots of dishes but it is soooooo worth it!  And it's gluten free - no flour - yippee!

The recipe says that the cake will serve 10 but it's so rich, I think you could get away with 20 slides, as long as you're not feeding two teenage boys like we were.  Jesse had three slices - a feat which amazed us all. I struggled to eat one slice because it's just so incredibly rich, but oh so yummy.

It's a light, almost souffle like , cake spread with chocolate mousse then cream and chocolate, times two.

The recipe is from Delia Smith.  There's even a video of how to make it step by step so really there's no excuse.

Honestly, if you've got a party coming up I highly recommend you try this recipe.  Not only is it delicious, it's also impressive.  Everyone will think you're a genius.  

If you do decide to make this amazing cake please, please, please leave me a comment and left me know how it turned out.

My only tip is that the mousse should not be allowed to set too long.  This makes it hard to spread (as I found out).  Apart from that, go forth, make the cake and party!


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March 30, 2016