21 Stunning Spring Finds

As I sit in my office with the sun streaming in, I’m being optimistic that spring is on its way, oh how I long for it.  It’s been a long hard winter of staying home (not that I really mind, being such a homebody) and food. Yes, the waistline is showing that – but I digress.

I’ve been online window shopping and I found some cool stuff I’d like to share.

Maybe some of these could make your home feel a little more spring-like – in anticipation!

Cool Bathroom Accessories

A bathroom renovation is in progress at my house but if you’re not up for renovating the whole bathroom, why not add these adorable bathroom accessories.  

Everything together and organised in one place – now that makes my heart sing!

This beautiful set is from Pottery Barn who ship to New Zealand - yay!

You can find it here.

Woven tripod stool

As soon as I saw it, I fell in love.

Initially, I thought it was to sit on but, no, it’s for your pot plants.  

Isn’t it cute!  

You find this adorable stool here.

Cute Desk Drawers

In my opinion, you can never walk past a good storage solution.  These are perfect for those tiny things that get lost on your desk.  I have several of this type of thing.  I use them to store my threads and beads and paints – and all sorts of other things. I particularly love the dots on this one.

You can find these here.

Native Shower Curtain

Doesn’t this shower curtain just scream ‘spring’ to you?  It sure does to me.  

I’ve been looking for a new shower curtain for some time and this one might just be ‘the one’.  The blue leaves are the perfect colour for my bathroom – oh, but wait, you haven’t seen that yet, so I’ll keep my secret.  All will be revealed soon.

You can find this here.

Porcelain Owl Lamp

Look at this cute ceramic owl.  Who knew he was a lamp!

You can find this little chappie here.

Firth Rattan Shade

When I revealed my master bedroom to you last week, you will note that I didn’t include any pictures of the light – that’s because it’s an ugly bare bulb! I love this light – don’t you think it would work perfectly in our master?

You find this wonderful light shade here.

Copper lantern

I’ve shown you little snippets of my kitchen renovation – if you remember, the lights are copper.  This lantern would work wonderfully – in fact, I already have the spot in mind.

You can find this here.

Luna Ceramic Knobs

I’ve been thinking for some time that I’d like to makeover my bedroom furniture.  You saw it last week when I revealed our master bedroom. It’s quite dark and I’m wondering if a new coat of paint might do the trick.  Perhaps these cute ceramic knobs would be the ‘jewellery’ needed for a new look.

These come from Anthropologie who ship to New Zealand. You can find it here.

Oak Boot Stand

Does everyone leave their muddy boots sitting by your front door?  We are missing our back steps at the moment – long story relating to a burst hot water cylinder and gas bottles – so everyone comes in the front.  With the mud that is a constant in winter and spring here, gumboots are a must, and they tend to get left outside the door. A great look for visitors!  

If I had one of these, I might want everyone to leave their boots at the front door.

You can find this here.

Mini White Beaded Vase

This vase is just divine! I love that it’s really small and I absolutely love the dots.  Is there a theme emerging here?

There’s really nothing else to say about it!

You can find this here.

Sunday Supply Beach Umbrella

Am I being too optimistic?  Spring is in a few days.  Maybe it’s not quite beach umbrella weather (more like the other kind) but why not be ready early.  I love the whimsy of this. It reminds me of my childhood.  Do you remember the lovely striped umbrellas of the 70s – given they were usually orange and brown but I do love this one.

You can find here.

Heart Wreath

Wouldn’t you love to put this wreath on your front door? It's rustic and cool and, oh so welcoming.

You can find this here.

Giftworks Dandy Mug and Infuser

Father’s Day is upon us – how about this cute tea mug and infuser.

You can find it here.

Spring Cushions

I’ve found this amazing Etsy store that sells the most wonderful cushions for really great prices – to be honest, I’ve become a bit of a stalker.

I really loved these flower cushions. They will surely add a touch of spring to your décor.

You can find these here.

Large clock

This one is for a friend who has been talking about buying a large clock to put on her kitchen wall for the longest time. I was doing a bit of research on her behalf and found this one. While I was writing this post, my favourite all time blogger Thistlewood Farms sent me an update of her latest post and there it was. This amazing clock, sitting right there in her house. How exciting!

You can find it here.


Do you love candles?  I find candles are a thing that some people love, and some people don’t. I love them but I never want to light them because once they are lit,they aren’t the same.  How do you feel about candles?

If you are a ‘candle person’ I’m sure you will love this wonderful scented candle from Cherrywood Florist. Can't you almost smell them, based on how incredible they look?

You can find these here.

Kiwi Breakfast Bowl Tea Towel

The story behind this tea towel is one of sadness and triumph. Ruby Seeto designed this tea towel (and others) to raise money for the Starship Foundation.  

You can purchase these tea towels at Wallace Cotton.

You can find these here.

Spring Duvet Cover

What better way to give you spring fever than sleeping under this adorable floral duvet.  Even though there’s a lot going on, it’s very subtle – love it!

You can find this here.

This is For You Platter

If, like me, you love to entertain, then why not serve your food on this gorgeous platter.  I really like that it is an irregular shape.  Spring parties – can’t wait.

You can find this here.

Hexagon Wall Planter

Add a touch of spring with some living plants in this hexagon wall planter.  It’s a very unusual shape and design.  If you have difficulty keeping plants alive,you could always add a faux plant – no-one will ever know the difference.

You can find this here.

Bicycle Cushion

I saved this one for last as it’s my favourite.

Isn’t’ this bicycle cushion fun?

You can find this here.

I hope you've enjoyed this slightly early foray into spring.

I couldn’t help myself.

Blame it on the sunshine. 🙂

I’m not being paid for my opinion, or to promote them.

August 26, 2020