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I know you’ve seen this picture before - I had every intention to reveal my kitchen renovation to you this week. I really did!

Unfortunately, I was foiled in my attempts to bring this to you – first by a migraine and then by Google – I needed to reset my password (as you do sometimes) and Google sent me a message saying that I would receive an email in 120 hours with a reset link! Can you believe it –120 hours!

So, I could not in fact upload the video I had intended to bring you. I promise it will be next week.

On the Blog This Week

It was a very quiet week this week – I only shared this tutorial for the Licorice Allsorts Bracelet.

Remember that there’s a giveaway attached to this so if you would like to win the kit for this bracelet go and check out the post.

Around the Web

I’ve spent a bit of time trolling the web this week. I wanted to share with you some things I’ve found.

Stunning Laundry Room

Firstly, this wonderful laundry room makeover.  I’m starting the plan the renovation of mine and I was really impressed with this one from Faith and Farmhouse.

Faith and Farmhouse

I love the floor and the signs that Danielle has used.  This is stunning.

Beautiful Bathroom

I’m also thinking about my bathroom.  While we are not doing anything major in our bathroom at this time due to plans to relocated and extend our bathroom, I still want to make it nice. I found this bathroom in Snowberry Cottage which has given me so much inspiration.

Make Mine a Spritzer

Check out that wallpaper!

You can see why I love it so much – it’s very similar to the fabric I used for the drapes and duvet over in my Master Bedroom.

Master Bedroom Makeover

Painted Furniture

The last thing I’m going to share with you today is Kim’s post about painting furniture with milk paint.

Cottage in the Mitten

I just love the shape and colour of this dresser. You won’t believe what it looked like before.  Why not check it out.


Well, that’s about all for this week.  

I’m hoping technology is my friend next week so I can actually bring you my kitchen reveal. I’m so excited about it – I just can’t wait to share it with you.


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January 30, 2021