Easter Buns and Chocolate!

Hey, it's that time again.  Easter!  Who doesn't love it.  I must admit, it has crept up on me this year and I'm totally unprepared!  But, I'm on board now so it's all good.

Gluten free hot cross buns


The very best thing about Easter is, of course, the Hot Cross Buns.  Warm and fruity and spicy.  I have re-posted my gluten free hot cross bun recipe here so you can make and enjoy them as much as I do.  To be perfectly honest with you, I'm really not sure if I'm going to get to make them this year.  Usually by this time I've made dozens and they are in the freezer waiting for us to whip them out and pop them under the grill.  This year, as I said, it's caught me unawares!  You never know - a four day weekend might see me baking to my hearts content.  

The other great thing about Easter is chocolate!  You get a free pass - go on, I'm giving you permission - to eat as much chocolate as you like for four days.  Then it's back to the diet or eating sensibly but I'm certainly not going to worry.  Of course, I need to go and buy the Easter eggs first, so I'll be off to the shops later today to purchase some of those large hollow chocolate eggs my kids (and husband) love and some lovely fully marshmallow ones as well.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend and perhaps, you never know, the weather might clear up so we can get out to the garden (much needed).

If you make the buns, please let me know in the comments how they turn out.



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April 14, 2014