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Happy weekend my friend! Now that mid-winter Christmas is over and the days are starting to get longer, it feels like spring might just be on the way.  I know that it’s still along way off but it feels like maybe, just maybe, it will be showing its head soon.

I’ve starting to see some action with my bulbs in the garden – just greenery, not blooms yet.  Can’t wait.

I’ve had a rather interesting week.  I ended up working most of the weekend so I decided that I wouldn’t work Monday and Tuesday – the job that I was working on in the weekend came back to haunt me – on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  So, I thought I’d take Thursday off – nope other stuff came up. I finally managed to take Friday off to do some much needed house cleaning and DIY and I’m hoping to extend my weekend through to Monday as well.  We’ll see how that goes.

On the Blog

Daisy Earrings 2 Ways

This week’s tutorial was requested by a customer. When we discussed how to make these earrings I couldn’t decide which method I should use to make them so I did a tutorial showing both methods. These little daisy earrings are so cute. I absolutely love them but I still can’t decide.  Which method do you like?

Daisy Earrings 2 Ways

A Day at the Beach

On Thursday I took you with me on a mid-winter visit to the beach.  We had such a great time and it was really lovely to get out of the house after so many weeks of rain.

Mid-Winter Beach Excursion

Around the Web

Here’s some things I thought I’d share with you from around the internet.

Ikea Hack China Cabinet

I love a good Ikea hack even though we don’t have Ikea in NZ.  When I lived in Canada Jenna and I would go there and get lost for hours.  Jesse would moan continuously if we took him – don’t blame him really, when you have to start from scratch with kitting out a house, there’s lots of shopping to do.

Anyway, I really liked this Ikea hack for a china cabinet made with bookshelves.

My Home and Travels

Patio Makeover

I love the colours used in this patio makeover.  The aqua blues and navy just remind me of the beach. I also love the steps leading up to the house.  This one has been pinned for future reference – we need new steps!

White Lilac Farmhouse

Textured Feature Wall

Over the past few weeks I have really enjoyed watching Danielle makeover this wall.  I love how it turned out.  What do you think?

Faith and Farmhouse

Tablecloth Holders

If you live somewhere windy like I do this is a brilliant idea!  Weighted decorations for your tablecloth – I love it. I especially like that they are made from seashells.  Certainly goes with my coastal theme.  Check out how to make them here.

Saved From Salvage

The Perfect Shade of White

Now, you know that I’m a white wooden wall kind of girl – well in this post, Maria has set out all the different shades of white!  Not only that, isn't this dining room is to die for? So rustic and beautiful. Those sconces are amazing and that bench!

Maria Ward

Peel and Stick Wallpaper

For those of you who don’t have wooden walls, this peel and stick wallpaper is a great idea.  Missy makes it look so easy in this tutorial and the results were stunning.

Sonata Home Design

Well, that’s all from me this week. I hope you have a super stunning weekend.

Have fun – till next week …

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July 31, 2021