Lockwood Renovation Part 13 - Kitchen Door Furniture

 Have you ever heard this term before?  It’s an interesting one. It means the handles,lock and any other fixtures that you use on a door.

I only know that it’s called this because my brother used to make kitchens and that’s what he called the handles, etc.

Now that we have that out of the way, I wanted to talk with you today a bit more about the handles we used in our kitchen.

If you haven't yet seen our kitchen reveal check it out here.

Our Kitchen Reveal

You may remember that we purchased these amazing hammered copper light fittings.

Our Kitchen Lights

If you’re interested in purchasing some similar lights check out my previous post on the lighting I used.

Now, onto the door handles and drawer pulls.

We chose to use different handles on our doors and drawers.  

Cabinet Knobs

First, we chose the door knobs.  The reason for choosing these was purely aesthetic – they matched the lights so well, and they are beautiful. These hammered copper knobs have worked really well for us.

There is only one thing I would change (and I will). They do not have a protective coating, so they do tarnish.  I actually find polishing them is very rewarding but I don’t always have the time so I will add this – one day!

Hammered Copper Round Head Drawer, Cabinet Knob Pull - Pack of 12

These knobs were also really cost effective.


Here are a few other options that would work equally well.

These Ultra Copper Cabinet Knobs are smooth but still have that wonderful copper finish.

Ultra Copper Cabinet Knobs

And these Dynasty Ring Cabinet Knobs would work really well with the cabinet knobs we have in our hallway (now that’s another story for another day).

Dynasty Ring Cabinet Knobs

Drawer Pulls

The Antrader Metal Shell drawer pulls were chosen because they have a nod to the old.  I remember when I was young the batch where wespent our summers had these drawer pulls in brass.  They remind me of my childhood – nothing wrong in that.

Antrader 6 Pc 2.6 Inch Metal Shell Shape Pull Handle Copper Tone.

These were also very cost effective as they come in a pack of 6.

These copper drawer pulls have been treated so that they do not tarnish.


These Dasunny Cup Handles came in a close second.

Dasunny Cup Handles

Have you enjoyed my trip to the store to buy door furniture?


If so, please leave me a comment below.

I hope this post gave you inspiration

If so…..



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February 19, 2021