Winter Master Bedroom Refresh

I’ve got the winter blues – I get them every year.  I just need sunshine to survive and there hasn’t been much here lately. So I decided that I should do something productive instead of sitting around feeling sorry for myself.  I’m going to do a master bedroom refresh.  Nothing too drastic, just some new linen and accessories. Today, I’m putting together a mood board for my bedroom. I'm leaving links for everything I'm looking at so if you want to cozy up your bedroom for winter you can purchase them too.

Let’s start by looking at it now, well, full disclosure, this picture was taken a couple of years ago when we did our Master Bedroom Reveal.

Master Bedroom Reveal

There’s nothing wrong with my bedroom but I feel like I need to add some cozy touches for winter.  I know I’m a little late as it’s now the middle of winter but better late than never, right!

Cozy Up The Bed - The Essentials

I don’t know about you but in the winter I want my bed to feel super cozy.  Here’s what I’m planning to change.

First and foremost, a new super warm duvet inner so I found this Silver Goose Quilt at Spotlight which should be nice and warm.  It’s 70% down and 30% feathers so that should keep us nice and toasty.

Silver Goose Quilt


New Pillows

We also desperately need new pillows.  The other day I was changing the cases and I saw the date stamp on them – 2013 – aren’t you supposed to replace them every year or so? Not, every 10 years. So, I’m looking at these beautiful soft pillows from Adairs. Anything that’s called the World’s Softest European Pillow must be good.

World's Softest European Pillow

Cuddly Sheets

The first thing I want to do to make my bed nice and cozy is add some nice flannelette sheets.  I’ve found these beautiful plain-dyed sheets from Linen House. The colour is called Sky which isa soft grey colour.  I’ve been thinking about adding more grey, rather than blue to my bedroom. I’ve even been thinking of painting my headboard but that’s another story.

Sky Flannelette Sheets

Fun Duvet Cover

I really like this Riva Paoletti Skandi Woodland Duvet Cover Set from The Market. I think it’s very quirky and will go nicely with the sheets. I love that it is double sided so if I get tired of the creatures, I can always go with the stripes.

Riva Paoletti Skandi Woodland Duvet Cover Set

Cozy Throw

I think this Koo Super Plush Throw would add some colour to an otherwise neutral scheme.

I’ve actually been wanting to diversify the colour in this bedroom for a while but I hadn’t quite decided what I wanted to add. I was thinking about pink as we have some pinks in the Unicorn painting above the bed, but now that I found this gorgeous colour, I think it will work wonderfully.  

Colourful Pillowcases

While I’m on the subject of adding colour, I think these beautiful Daisy Quilted Turquoise European Pillowcases would go with the throw.

Daisy Quilted Turquoise European Pillowslips


Our current lamps have been with us for a very long time (longer than the pillows!), and one of them is broken, so it’s time to change those up a bit too.  I found three that I love, all at The Market but I can’t decide.  Which one should I buy?

I like this Pippi Swirled Lamp because it’s blue and white and reminds me of a ginger jar.I have lots of those in the rest of the house but do I want to include that theme hearing given that I’m moving away from the blues. The curtains are still blue though – they are the same as the old duvet cover.

Pippi Swirl Lamp

The Meda Lamp reminds me of the light shade in the room which is actually metal but painted with an antiqued white finish. 

Meda Lamp

The third option is the Exeter Lamp. I think it looks very rustic but I’m not sure if it’s right.

Exeter Lamp

What do you think?  

A Floor Rug

Last, we need to do something with the carpet. The carpet throughout our house is dark grey.  While it’s great for masking any stains, it just doesn’t go with our scheme.  I’d love to pull it all up and put down hardwood floors but that's not in the budget at this time so, for now, I’m just going to add a rug to lighten up the room a bit. I have chosen the Julian Traditional Rug because it’s not too light (won’t show any stains) but is still much lighter than the carpet. It’s also a really great price.

Julian Traditional Rug

So there you go, that’s my ideas for my bedroom winter refresh.What do you think?  Please leave me a comment and let me know which of the lamps you like best.

Mood Board

Here's the mood board I've put together. Please tell me which option for the lamp you prefer.

Please note: This post contains affiliate links but the opinions shared are my own.



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August 2, 2022