Lockwood Renovation Part 2 - The Front Yard

Let There Be Light!

You will remember that our house was surrounded in trees when we moved in. This made things very dark and sometimes at night quite scary – trees tapping on the window and something running over the roof! This was a no brainer decision – at least some of them had to go.

At the front, we were able to cut the trees down ourselves.  Andy was happy because he got a chainsaw for Father’s Day so he had a really great excuse to try it out.  Must say, one of the most useful Father’s Day presents ever purchased!

I don’t have a really good picture of what the trees looked like before - you'll have to make do with this one.

This is Andy in mid-chop!  This actually took weeks of work and many trips to the landfill.

Now we were left with a weird bank at the front of the section.  This screamed retaining wall and garden to me and that’s exactly what we did.

We can’t take credit for this retaining wall – we had our friendly builder, Justin Visser and his son of Build Strong build it for us.  We just didn’t have the time.

Then, it was my turn to plant roses and primulas and geraniums and …. You get the idea! Images to come in another post.

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Happy Tuesday.

October 29, 2019