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You may remember that a few months ago I acquired three tables in one weekend, and that I was agonizing over what paint to use to paint the new dining table. Well, this post is not about that dining table! It’s about the paint.

After months of procrastinating about making the decision, and some test runs, I finally decided to leap in and give it a try.  I haven’t painted the table yet, but I acquired this cabinet and decided to try the paint I was planning on using on the table.

But let me back up a bit.  

The First Test – Acrylic Paint

After along discussion with the woman at the paint shop a few months ago, I decided that I would try painting these Don chairs with acrylic paint and see how I felt about that.

I have had these chairs for years, always with the intention of painting them and recovering them.  Initially, I bought them for the boys to use in the Playstation room – when we lived in our big house.   They never got their new covers, or their paint job.  

When we moved to our smaller house, they got put into storage.  Then a few years ago, I decided that I should renovate them for Jesse’s room.  Then, I got sick and that never happened. So, as part of the lead up and testing what paint to use on my table, I decided to paint these chairs.  The results aren’t outstanding.  To be honest, I had bought the fabric wayback when I was going to do them before and I don’t love it.  But then, they were for my son’s room so dark grey seemed like a good choice.  

These chairs are painted with two coats of primer, then three coats of acrylic paint (the colour is Resene’s French Grey).  I wasn’t happy with the finish, so I added two coats of polyurethane.  This was a long laborious process and not one I would like to repeat.

Also, not a finish I am happy with.

The Second Test – Fusion Mineral Paint

As I wasn’t happy with the chairs, I decided to take the plunge and try Fusion Mineral Paint on the cabinet.  This cabinet wasn’t in great condition, so I wasn’t really worried too much about ruining it if I didn’t like the finish. I didn’t bother too much with my preparation, I just wanted to test the paint.

I gave it a light sand, filled the holes and taped off the glass.

After completing this project, I can tell you, I’ll never go back!  

It’s wonderful to use and the finish is amazing.

I lightly sanded the cabinet and gave it a good clean. Next I painted two coats of the Fusion Mineral Paint in the colour Heirloom Blue.


After the first coat, I was sold.  The coverage was amazing.

After first coat

The paint went on really smoothly and coverage was amazing.  It said in the instructions to use a light hand – I used a medium hand, as in a medium-thick coat, and I was so impressed with the finish.  

The paint dried very quickly, allowing me to repaint in just over an hour.  I renovated this cabinet in less than a day and I’m so impressed.  The paint wasn’t fully hard for about seven days and the instructions say to be gentle with it for 21 days.


The only thing left was to add some handles.  I tried some that I had but ended up using these ones from Bunnings.

We Have a Winner

I will definitely be using the Fusion Mineral Paint for my table.  I’m hoping to get started in the next few weeks. By the way, I need to give a shout out to Emma from Cloud Tree who supplied the paint.  Her service was absolutely amazing.  When I had accidentally chosen pick-up, she sent me a text right away so I could rectify the situation and not delay the delivery of my paint.  

I have even decided to paint the base of my table in the same Heirloom colour as I just love it and it works so well in my space.

I can’t wait to get started now.  Watch this space for my newly painted table!

I hope you enjoyed reading about my paint explorations. If you would like to see the finished table, remember to sign up for my newsletter.



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November 14, 2021