Big is Better

We moved to this house as a temporary measure when the house we were living in was sold and we couldn't find anywhere to live.  We ended up staying for nearly 18 months.  This house had seven bedrooms - yes that's right seven!  Of course, we expanded into all of them.  A sewing room, a spare room, a mancave for a teenage son.  During this time my niece and her boyfriend were also living with us so it was good that we had the extra room.

These photos were taken by the real estate agent who sold the house.  Because it was only temporary, I never took my own, thinking we'd be moving on soon.

We will start with the lounge - it was huge.  As you can see, two couches, one armchair then another little seating area to the right.  

This photos is looking from the lounge (other end) back into the dining room.


The dining area was a good size and had it's own fireplace.  We spent many an evening enjoying a meal with family and friends sitting here at this table.


This photo is taken looking from the dining room into the kitchen.


What a kitchen!  Two pantries, lots of storage and an incredible amount of bench space.  I loved working in this kitchen.  Through the door at the end is a large laundry with lots of cupboards for me to store all my herbie concoctions.

This is Jesse's bedroom.  It was quite large but he couldn't comfortably fit his drums in here.  But who needs to when you have six other bedrooms to choose from!  The drums ended up in the mancave with the Playstation.

And here it is - the mancave.  You can't see them in this photo but the drum kit fits in here along with the Playstation, big screen TV and two "gaming" Don chairs which are next on my list to renovate.

This is the master bedroom and it's huge.  Two full double wardrobes plus all those built in drawers.  This room was so sunny and bright, it was just lovely.

That's all the photos I have of the inside.  It was a bit tired and needed an update but, oh it was a dream house to live in.  So much space to spread out. Every bedroom had a double wardrobe and they were all bright and airy.  We just loved it here.

Lastly, I will leave you with a picture of the garden.  We spent many house working and enjoying this garden.  In the spring/summer it was full of colour and wonderful smells and vegetables that we had grown.  


We really didn't want to leave this house but staying there was not meant to be.  


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April 29, 2016