Tiny Kitchen Makeover

Before we left for Canada in 2009, we owned a small house in Paparangi, Wellington. This was our first ever kitchen makeover.  The kitchen was tiny and it was a real challenge to fit in everything that I wanted, without compromise.  I spent a lot of time planning this kitchen.  It had to be cheap and I couldn’t really change the footprint.

Here’s some pictures of the before – it was untouched since the 70s and oh, the colour was so amazing – not! (Apologies for the quality of the pictures – it was a long time ago and camera technology has improved since then.)

The first thing we did was remove the wall between the kitchen and dining area.  While this didn’t make our footprint any bigger, it opened things up so that it appeared much bigger.

You will also see that our kitchen had four doors coming into it.  That was precious real estate that we could claim back.  We removed the door through to the lounge and we lost the arch when we removed the wall.  Unfortunately, we had to keep the door to the outside (this was our main entrance) and the door to the laundry.

So here’s what it looked like after the remodel.

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September 12, 2018