Lockwood Renovation Part 11 – Makeover of the Tiniest Room

Our house is tiny, and our toilet is no exception. If you read my Renovation Inspiration post, you will know that our toilet is one of the sunniest rooms in our house.  

Having said that, when we moved in, it still felt pretty bleak.  

Want to see?

Pretty bad, huh!

So anyway, the tiniest room in our house has had a makeover.

Now it’s bright and breezy and almost fun to be in.

Well, let’s just say, it’s more pleasant than it was.

Are you ready?

Why don’t you open the door and come on in?

First thing to note is that the door is painted Resene Meditation which is a recurring theme in our house.

I think that this blue is the best blue ever made!

You’ll also notice a new sleek black door handle.

I love this sleek door handle but, if I’m being perfectly honest, I purchased it simply because of the great price.  

We replaced all of the door handles in our house with these.

It’s pretty obvious, the walls have been painted Resene Quarter Rice Cake and the ceiling was painted ceiling white.

Quarter rice cake is the best white for walls.  It’s a tiny touch of warm but not cream with very slight green undertones, although it certainly doesn’t look green on the walls. I was worried that our walls would feel too stark but this colour just gives enough warmth to take that feeling away.

If you want to see how we painted the walls check out this post.

The floor has new vinyl. Actually, the flooring came first. When we moved into our house, the movers damaged the vinyl on the kitchen floor, so they were going to pay to replace it.  This seemed so pointless to us, because we knew our kitchen was going to be ripped out soon, so we decided to use the vinyl in the bathroom, toilet and laundry. We chose this woodgrain, hardwood look-a-like and people really don’t know the difference.

Of course, there is a new toilet suite.

And a repurposed light. I bought this light many years ago from Bunnings.  They used to sell a range of really funky lights that were different from everywhere else but, alas, they don’t anymore. I was really uninspired when I went to look for a light so, I repurposed this one that I had sitting in a box under the house. I’m so pleased I did, it’s perfect for this space.

Then, onto the fun stuff - accessories!

I added a reed diffuser which I made from an Ikea vase that I bought way back in 2009.

Also, a necessity – a new toilet roll holder.

And, if you read this post you will know that I bought this toilet brush a couple of weeks ago.

So, there you have it. Our tiny toilet all glammed up.

If you like what we’ve done, then please let me know in the comments below.

For more updates on the renovation, check out the Renovate section of my blog.

October 5, 2020