Our New Baby


Back in July we had a very sad day - we lost our beautiful Twinkle. She was hit by a car.  

I didn't blog about it because, to be honest, we were all just too sad. We had a lovely funeral on a very cold day where we all cried and buried her in the back yard, on the hill so she could keep a watch over us.

As you know, Rosie and Twinkle were twins. Rosie is the social one, she really missed Twinkle. So, after lots of deliberating we decided to get another cat.  I know, I know!

We started looking around for a kitten but Rosie plays quite rough so we weren't too sure that a kitten was the right choice, but we also didn't want an older cat who wouldn't want to play.

We went to the SPCA and saw a beautiful cat who was so cuddly and loved people, but she didn't play well with other cats - not the right choice!


We found Cocoa at the Cats Protection League. Cocoa was born in the CPL and had never lived in a home so she was very shy. She loves other cats but wasn't very sure about humans. We brought her home and she spent the first two weeks hiding under the couch.  She's finally come out and has adjusted to life in our house. She's still a bit scared but she's getting better.

In this photo she looks a lot like Twinkle, she is black but she doesn't have the white flecks that Twinkle had and she has short bandy legs. She's just so very cute and we've grown to love her dearly.


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November 29, 2013