Jewellery Making Techniques

While it may seem from last week’s posts that I’ve been sitting around enjoying the sunshine over the Christmas break, I was actually being pretty productive too.

I’ve been busy creating four extra videos for my YouTube channel.  

These videos show some techniques and tricks to help you make better jewellery. As well as that, I created these wonderful earrings in the process!

What Tools Do You Need to Make Jewellery?

The first video is about the tools we use in jewelry making.  I’ve shown you the tools that are essential, as well as some optional tools that can make your life much easier.

Watch the video to find out what I can’t live without.

How to Make Simple Loops

Making loops is an integral part of jewelry making. In this video I step you through all the tips and tricks.  As well, I make the earrings above.

How to Make A Wire Wrapped Loop

Once you’ve mastered the art of simple loops, you’re going to want to move on to wire wrapped loops. In this video I also show you how to make wire wrapped charms to add to your jewelry.

Jump Rings vs Split Rings and How to Open Them

I have lots of people ask me what’s the difference between a jump ring and a split ring, and where and when to use them. This video covers all of that, as well as how to open each of them.

I hope you enjoyed these videos.  I’ll be adding to them over the next little while so remember to subscribe to my YouTube Channel so you’ll never miss a thing.

I hope this post gave you inspiration to get making jewellery

If so….. 



January 18, 2021