The Gift of Jewellery

Isn’t it wonderful when you get an unexpected gift? Just out of the blue, without me knowing, I received this package in the post.  

I knew who it was from by the writing on the outside of the courier bag, but I had no idea what was inside.

When I opened the package I found this wonderful surprise.

Want to see what’s inside?

It was so beautifully wrapped – all tucked up in tissue paper – everything tied with a bow.

Wow, so many treats!

This package came from one of my customers, my friend and jewellery designer extraordinaire, Ariel Meredith-Golan of Ariel in the Studio. He makes the most fabulous jewelry.

I mentioned the other day on one of his Facebook posts about Red Jasper gemstones, that I needed some of that in my life.

According to Ariel, “Red Jasper is a stone with deep connection to the roots, and nature. It is a stone of strength, commitment, justice, and the bravery to stand in the power of our own authentic self. Red Jasper is a joyful stone and works wonders bringing healing to the body, mind and soul. Being a stone that vibrates on the lower chakra frequencies, it is a great stone for grounding and protection. Red Jasper also stimulates the mind, so it is good to have one or a few on your work desk and when studying.”

This scroll explained all about the stone.

Who doesn’t need that in this troubled time?

I know I do.

Low and behold, now I have some of my own.

Do you want to see it?

Isn’t it just stunning?  This bracelet is just perfect.  It’s in the perfect colours for me and it’s wonderfully comfortable.

Ariel specializes in this type of jewellery, made with waxed cord and tiny micro-macrame knots.

As well as the bracelet, the package contained three scrolls, another bracelet and two other Red Jasper gemstones (for my desk).

This is the beautiful gift within the gift – another bracelet which the scroll below explains.

This shows you what a fabulous, caring and giving person Ariel is.  He suggested that I pass this bracelet on to share the love even more.  I haven’t decided who to give this bracelet to yet, but I’m sure the right person will present themselves.

The last scroll contained care instructions, so I know everything I need to know to look after my beautiful bracelet.  I have been wearing it constantly since I got it so it will need cleaning.  Great to have the instructions on how to do this.

I wanted to share this beautiful gift with you but also ask that you check out Ariel’s work. You can find him on Facebook. Making jewellery is his full time job and if I can share the love and help him out, that’s amazing. All his jewellery is handmade in New Zealand.

Maybe someone in your life could use one of these stunning bracelets, or another piece made by Ariel for Christmas.

Here are some examples of Ariel’s other work.

Polished Botswana Agate crystal with high grade Hematite beads.
Yellow fluorite gemstone on grass green and dark olive waxed cord ring.

Thank you, Ariel, for being such a wonderful, caring person and for the beautiful gift.

Please leave any comments below about this stunning gift.

If you are keen to make some jewellery for friends and family for Christmas, check out my beading tutorials in the Create section of my website. Also, if you require any jewellery making components please visit my online store Affordable Jewellery Supplies.

October 21, 2020